SynchRomystic Epic XII: N-umbeR TwELve

Bowie The StaRman RetuRns to the Sky- Gnostic WaRRioR

David Bowie BLack Moon of Death- TRuthiRacy






To ll

Tw EL ve

EL i ot

Who EL

Whe EL

Wo R d

Wo R L d

Wo mb man

Parallel = Pair of EL

Pine AL

S pin AL

K n owL edge

F oo L

Thom as

T win

T wine

T owe R

T o Ra h

Tu Rin

Tau Rus

U TeR us

ToR us

TuR bine

ToR ch

TaR ot

Ro taR y



Ra y

Ra dia n t

AL pha B et

L ett eR = L ight eR

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