The New Test-o-ster-one: Boo-k One

I am not heRe to sheep-EL pLease.

I am not heRe Re-p-Re-sent-ing

A CoRpse-oRation.

I am not s-EL-Ling any

Com-merce she-LL


I am heRe as Love, for Love, to Love.

I am Ra-dia-n-t Light,

S-EL-f Luminous,

S-EL-f Evi-den-t.

S-EL-f ActuaL,


S-EL-f Re-conciLed,



Uni-fied fi-EL-d,



I am heRe.

I am.




ALL I caRe to p-Re-sent/ shaRe is:

soLid, seLf-ev-iden-t, un-deny-A-buLL, cLeaR- uni-vers-aL, incontRovert-ible, veRifi-a-buLL, TeRRa-buLL T-Ruth, Sym-phonic, Har-monic, SynchRo-mystic, SyncRa-t-ism, PhiLo-Sophia, Love of Wise-dome

(the s-eve-n LetteR woRd ‘pRe-sent’ is an ana-g-Ram with ‘seR-pent’ quite intentionaLLy [same as ‘Aries’ and ‘arise’- both meaning to SpRing UP], not at aLL a meRe coin-c-idence, or jus-t by acc-i-den-t.  No-thing is Left to Chance/ Chains/ Ch-Ange-L.  TheRe aRe no acc-iden-t-s in the pho-ny Pho-enician pho-netic Pho-en-ix spELL of EL known as EngLish/ AngLo- Sax-on- AngLican- Vatican-VoLcano-VuLcan-VuLva-Lava-C-ash-FLow-Deity-GLow AngLish Yang- Lingui-stic-Sh-iva-Lingam- Light sabeR-Thoth-Re-Ligious LegaL EagLe L-Ang-uage- Voodoo – Licious – Luscious – CabaL is Stick- Ex – Sex – Hex-A-G-Ram- TetRa-GRam-m-Aton- Mar-Athon).

It is ALL in-ten-t-ion-EL.

You bReak the speLL of EL (The Eve-EL TRa-di-t-ion-AL Go-speL- the haiRy OLd TesticEL),

ewe cRack the she-LL,

go to a high-eR LeveL,

by saying good-bye to be-Lie-f, du-EL-ism and de-pen-dency,

by be-c-Om-ing in-de-pen-dent,

by ascending into puRe knowing, the HiRam of youR cerebRam (SaRah AbRam/ SaRaswati Brahma),

bRea-king down the syLLa-buLLs of the words (whirr-ds) in youR voca-BuL-Ary (vocaLization of the BuLL- cere-buLLum- and Ary- Aries- cere-bRam),

no Longer A Languishing and Lost Me-mber of the cLown cLass of Sheep-EL c-Om-ing in undeR the Steep-EL,

AND pa-yin-g cLose At-ten-tion to phony phone-tic ELec-tri-c cLues, hues cues, shoes and tattoos.


At ten t ion

Sa tan

Sa tuRn

Sa t EL Lite


T EL evi sion

It Is ALL. . . .

By de-Sign = By de-Sun/ Son- gRand ARchitect- Amen Ra- SouLaR LoRd of the Rings- Light of the woRLd, dis-in-corpse-o-Ra-ted.

This mes-sage wiLL knot


Love and Light,

ALL The-Re


Is-i-do-Re – Gift of Isis – God-dess

I am

L ivi n g.


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