Oh, God!

The only way the EL-Luminati can hide God, the Light, from their catt-EL/ sheep-EL is by keeping them deaf, dumb and bLind, pumped fuLL of boLogna be-Lie-fs.

Oh, God! – Movie CLip – SpRead the WoRd (1977) HD

Banned TED TaLk: The Science DeLusion- RupeRt SheLdRake at TEDx White ChapEL

God IS Light.

Light IS ALL theRe IS.

The WheeL IS The WiLL-

As Above So Below.

As Within So Without.

The TweLve:

CraniaL NeRves-

Months (Moons- AnnuaL CycLe)-

Posts/ Houses of the Zo-dia-c-

A-Post-Les of the Son/ Sun of God-

Hands of the cLock-



The TRue TRinity






4 Sea Sons/ Suns-

4 ELements/ States of MatteR-

4 Di-Rections.

Oh, God! Movie CLip- You TaLk, I’LL Listen (1977) HD

Oh, God! You DeviL 1984

The GematRia of the woRd ‘GOD’:

G = LetteR #7 G

O = LetteR #15 O

D = LetteR #4 D

7 + 15 + 4 =


The numbeR 26 RepResents haLf of the annuaL bi-cycLe, the divine divide, the Pi-e sLiced down the middLe, bi-LateRaL SymmetRy (Same TRee).  TheRe aRe 52 weeks in a yeaR- The AnnuaL CaLendaR.  26 x 2 = 52.

This aLso expLains why theRe aRe 26 miLes in a MaR-At-h-on.

TheRe aRe 26 LetteRs in ouR LAtin ALphabet.

The numbeR vaLue of the woRd ‘GOD’ is 26, as shown above.

The WoRd ‘GOD’ can be peRceived as an acRo-nym.

G.O.D. =




R-ise & F-aLL-

BRahma- Vishnu- Shiva

CReaToR- SusTaineR- DesTroyeR.

TripLe Goddess- TripLe Muse- Maiden MoTher & CRone

MoTor MaTTer WaTer BLue TeRRa Yin Eve MoTher NaTure Femi-nine GRound ThRee Time Tomb MaRRied To (Tao) Sky ETeRnity AiR Sun Son FaTher Re-d FiRe PaTTern SpiRaL SpiRit YAng Adam FouR-


The Who-EL



The WhoLLy ALpha-Bet.


“There is nothing you can do that’s more important than being fulfilled.  You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth.”

~Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss: Mythology & Personal Transformation, p.108

(Courtesy of the Joseph Campbell Foundation)


GoLden Lotus

NikoLa TesLa- EveRything is the Light- InteRview with NikoLa TesLa fRom 1899

NikoLa TesLa 1980 Mo-vie




GeoRge HaRRison – DeviL’s Ra-dio (CLoud Nine 1987)

GeoRge HaRRison – What is Life (LyRics)

TRaveLLing WiLbuRys – End Of The Line

GayatRi MantRa – Chants of In-dia

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda – OfficiaL TRaiLeR (2014) HD

KumaRe – FuLL FiLm

ALan Watts – Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching

Tao te Ching Audiobook

The Dhammapada (Sayings of the Buddha)

ParabLe Ass of Jack! The DouBULL CRossed FooEL 13/31

Tom Petty – OnLy a BRoken HeaRt

Tom Petty – I Won’t Back Down

Max Igan – The Awakening (FuLL Length Mo-vie)

Nassim HaRamein on SynchRonicity

OsiRis & ChRistianity – The ChRistian Adoption of Egyptian IconogRaphy, SymboLism & Myth

The WoRLd Within C.G. Jung in His Own WoRds

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