For KJH: Amber Quarantine

This post is dedicated to the memory of Kyle Jean Hairston (September 27, 1995- May 12, 2014).  Thank you, dear little brother from another mother, for teaching me to swim at the motel pools on our way out west to live in Santa Fe.  I wish I got to see you all grown up.  Even though we certainly had our differences and difficulties, I will always remember you fondly.  You are part of me, a benign presence who journeys with me invisibly everyday.


Video link from Professor Truthiracy’s House of Wisdom (Wise dome)- Christopher Lord- ORANGE HOUSE OF DEATH- The EL EVEn of 11…This video was released on this past Halloween, foreshadowing the Illuminati’s recent Friday the 13th false flag attack on Paris :

The EL EVEn of 11


Orange House of Death Part 4- The Paris 11 Conspiracy


Who is Lucifer?

Etymology of ‘Lucifer’

Etymology of ‘Lucy’

Etymology of ‘Phosphorus’

Etymology of ‘Horus’

24 Hours (Horus)

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Mark Passio Newest Video: We Live In a Satanic-minded Society The Estoeric Meaning of Christmas and the Winter Solstice








Santos Bonacci: The Number 11 Eleven (Numerology) 911

David Icke: 911 Was an Inside Job

Actor Corey Feldman Exposes Pedophile Hollywood Elite

Lady Gaga EXPOSES the Illuminati and the Facebook Transhuman Agenda

The WEIRD World of Illuminati Celebrity Kids (2015)

VALIS by Philip K. Dick / Horselover Fat (1981-page 181):  …“The person referred to by the two-word cypher KING FELIX is the fifth Savior who, Zebra – or VALIS – had said, was either already born or would soon be.  This was terribly frightening to me, getting the letter from Mother Goose.  I wondered how Goose – Eric Lampton and his wife Linda – would feel when they got the letter back with FELIX correctly added.  Correctly; yes, that was it.  Only one word out of the hundreds of thousands of English words would do; no, not English: Latin.  It is a name in English but a word in Latin.

Prosperous, happy, fruitful . . . the Latin word ‘Felix’ occurs in such injunctions as that by God Himself, who in Genesis 1:21 says to all the creatures of the world, ‘Be fruitful and increase, fill the waters of the seas; and let the birds increase on land.’  This is the essence of the meaning of Felix, this command from God, this loving command, this manifestation of his desire that we not only live but that we live happily and prosperously.

FELIX.  Fruit-bearing, fruitful, fertile, productive.  All the nobler sorts of trees, whose fruits are offered to the superior deities.  That brings good luck, of good omen, auspicious, favorable, propitious, fortunate, prosperous, felicitous.  Lucky, happy, fortunate.  Wholesome.  Happier, more successful in.

That last meaning interests me.  ‘More successful in.’  The King who is more successful in . . . in what?  Perhaps in overthrowing the tyrannical reign of the king of tears, replacing that sad and bitter king with his own legitimate reign of happiness: the end of the age of the Black Iron Prison and the beginning of the age of the Garden of Palm Trees in the warm sun of Arabia (‘Felix’ also refers to the fertile portion of Arabia).


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