Fvlcsnap-2012-05-07-16h59m40s50 325px-PhoenicianTrade

Phoenician IS


Phony Phoenix Phone ix xi

Phonetic Faux FOX Fake


A Trader IS

A Traitor


Torah Torus Taurus Turin Tarot Rotor Motor

Commerce Mercenary Mercury Hermes Thoth Thought

Mere Mare Nightmare Mary Marine Maritime Martial Marital Mars


Merchandise Merchant Dice Divide Divine Deity Dead Debt D Deva Devil David Dove

Mirage Marriage Chant Enchantment Tetragrammaton Aton Quarantine


Columbia Pegasus Picture Unicorn Universe Virgo Vertigo Vertebrae River Flow Fall Follow Low Scripture Scribble Byblos Babel Bible Parable Bull Bill Ball Bowl Blow Baal Global Cabal Bless Blood Phallus Palace Place

Obelisk Osiris Orion Isidore


Monarch Money Monster Monitor Minotaur Monolith Monotony Monopoly Monday Mundane Monotheism M

Greenwich Green Witch G Eight Gate

Geneva Gene Eve Even Evening Every Ovary Om Omen Woman Womb Man


‘VALIS (acronym of Vast Active Living Intelligence System from an American film): A perturbation in the reality field in which a spontaneous self-monitoring negentropic vortex is formed, tending progressively to subsume and incorporate its environment into arrangements of information.  Characterized by quasi-consciousness, purpose, intelligence, growth and an armillary coherence.

-Great Soviet Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 1992′


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