C ash

R egister

S ynchronicity


5 / 03 / 2015

At 11:44 am: A woman’s TOTAL is $19.44.  I show her the synchronicity on the monitor.  Then, she tells me that her birthday is 4/4/44 (April 4, 1944).  She even shows me ‘her’ DRIVER’S LICENSE to prove it to me.

5 / 04 / 2015

1. $87.65 at 4:32 pm (The delightful young woman at the reg-i-ster genuinely appreciates the synchronicity when I show it to her.  Just as I am about to speak about everyday miracles and the connection of the word ‘miracle’ with the Spanish word ‘mira’- meaning ‘look’- and the English words ‘mirror’ and ‘mirage’, I realize that the song playing on the store’s stereo (star-e-o) system is : ‘It’s a Miracle’ by Boy George and The Culture Club.)

2. $43.44 at 4:45 pm

3. $156.90 at 5:16 pm

4. $30.45 at 5:43 pm

5. TOTAL: $6.35- CHANGE: $3.65 (365 Days- Deis {Gods}- Daze)

6. $17.51 at 7:51 pm

7. 33 items at 8:33 pm

33 degrees of initiation (Freemasonry)

33 vertebrae in spine

33 degrees (temperature at which ice begins to melt- symbolizing the melting of the heart center, the birth of true care)

33 incarnations of Avalokiteshvara

33- Age of J.C. at Crucifixion

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