The Present Testament


1. When the Eye is single the Body is full of certainty.  When the Eye is double the Body is full of doubt.

2. G.O.D. stands for: G eneration O peration D issolution.

3. LORD GOD is Second- Secondary Creator.  Primary Creator is First.  Primary Creator is Nameless and Unnameable.

4. Failure to understand the difference between the Two is at the root of your confusion.  It is the core of your collective malady, your world at war.

5. All there is is Light.

6. There is the Visible Light, which is LORD GOD, Secondary Creator.  And there is the Invisible Light, which is the Nameless, Unnameable One, Primary Creator.

7. When the Eye is single the Body is full of Wealth- Gnosis (Knowledge).  When the Eye is double the Body is full of Poverty- Ignorance.

8. Prime Creator is not LORD GOD.  Prime Creator has no name and cannot be named.

Prime Creator is:

First- Father- Cause- Magnetic- Still- Invisible- One- A- Alpha- Ox- All

Second Creator- (Demiurge) LORD G.O.D.- is:

Second- Mother- Effect- Electric- Moving- Visible- Two- B- Bet- Both- Bi-Bull- Terra

Prime Creator is:

Eternal (A-temporal)- Infinite- White Light- Spirit- Fire- Air- Red- Ra- Right- Sol

Second Creator- (Demiurge) LORD G.O.D.- is:

Temporal- Finite- Seven Refracted Rays- Matter- Water- Earth- Blue- El- Left- Mon

Sol + Mon = Solomon

Holy = Whole


Primary Creator is:

Aum- I Am- Adam- Odd- Good- God- Atom- Aton- Atum- A-tombed- A-timed- A-life- Unborn- Alive- Atman- Soul- Spirit- Unity- Individual- Original- One- Vowel- Open- Womb- Single- Undivided- Uncut

Secondary Creator- LORD G.O.D.- is-

You Are- Eve- Even- Evil- Devil- Dam- Tom- Tums- Twin- Tony- Tons- Tombed- Timed- Birth and Death- Two Towers- Temporary- Dream- Drum- Duration- Duplicity- Reproduction- Temple- Body- Double- Doubting Thomas- Consonant- Close- Tomb- Multiplicity- Divided (Divine = Divide; Deity = Day & Night)- Cut

Primary Creator is:

Aether- Unnamed & Unnameable- Unconditioned & Unconditional- Free-dome- Wise-dome- Balanced- Reconciled- Resurrection- Christ- Arisen to Aries- Cerebrum (One)- Equinox (Vernal & Autumnal)- Universal Mind Resting

Secondary Creator- LORD G.O.D.-  is:

Earth- Named & Nameable- Conditioned & Conditional- Bound- Unwise- Unbalanced- Unreconciled- Crucifixion- Jesus Christ- Descended to Taurus- Cerebellum (Two)- Solstice (Summer & Winter)- Universal Mind Thinking


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