The Final Testament 6-7


6. Jesus is the Sixth Chakra- Third Eye- Pineal Gland.  Jesus is Second.  Zeus- Deus- Twin Towers- Duo- Dow- Unsaved- Jesus is Dual Consciousness.  Jesus is unreconciled.  Distance.  Pair O Bulls.  Bi-Bull.  Pair O Dice.  Pair o d ox.  Di ox y ribon ucleic Acid.  Descent to Hell, the Heel Below.  Lower Mind.  Bull-Eve.  Body Full of Darkness.  Double Vision.  Double Devil.  Doubting Thomas.  Didymus.  Tommy.  Tombed.  Fear.  Defensive.  Driven.  Desiring.  Double Trouble.  Identified with Doing.  Terrible.  Terror.  Torah.  Tara.  Tarot.  Matter.  Earth.  Mother.  Bully- Bull’s Eye- I Bull-Eve.  Bull-shit.  Deception.  Distortion.  Delusion. Dream.  Drama.  Trauma.  Black and Blue- Bleak- Left- El- Sinister- Left Hand Path- You Are- Taurus.  Cerebellum.  Cerebral Cortex Deactivated- Dormant.  Back Brain.  Bet.  Effect.  Electric Light (Visible Light Spectrum).  Polarized.  Police State.  Tyranny.  Discord- Inhuman- Negative- Money- Monarchy- Monopoly- Monotheism- 666- Six Sex Hex.  Saturn- Satan- Set- Sunset- Winter- Nighttime- Time- Cronus Chronology- Death- Debt- Doubt- Debit- Divine Divided- Evil- Devil- Even- Eve- One and Two.  The Beast.  Crucifixion.


7. Christ is the Seventh Chakra- Crown- Top of the Head.  The Holy Spirit is the Wholly Spiral.  Saved = Ascended.  Your body is the Holy Land, the Temple.  Arisen to Aries- The Ram- The King Dome of Heaven is your Head.  Higher Mind.  Knowledge.  I Know.  Gnosis.  I Am.  Aries.  Single Eye = Body Full of Light.  Meditation.  Christ is Unity Consciousness.  Universal Unconditional Unconditioned Love.  Christ is reconciled.  Christ is Krishna.  Cerebral Cortex fully Activated.  Cerebrum = Sarah Abraham- Sarasvati Brahma- Balanced- Blessed- Bliss- Buddha- Awake- Ascended.  Alpha.  Atom- A-tombed- Untied- United- Onion- Cause.  Magnetic Light (Invisible Light Spectrum).  Witness- Whiteness- Father and Mother- Alpha and Omega- Red- Right- Ra- Right Hand Path- Apollo- A-polar.  Aether.  Harmony.  Honesty.  Integrity.  Holy is Whole.  Healed.  Heart.  Empathic.  Human.  Positive.  Free-Dome- Pantheism- Anarchy means ‘Without rulers.’  777- Seven- Heaven- Heaved Above.  Sun- Christ- Savior- Zero- Hero- Jupiter- Sunrise- Horus- Summer- Daytime- Eternity- A Zeus- A Life- Certainty- Assured- Confident- Resolved- Solved- Divine Undivided- Good- God- Odd- Adam- Zero and One.  The Risen Savior.  Resurrection.  Amen.  Ra.


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