The Final Testament 1-5

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2.  I Am with God.  I Am God.  I Am Odd.  I Am Adam.  Hue-man.  Atom.  Aton.  Atman- A-damned.  A- tombed.  A-toned.  Untied.  United.  Unified.  Uncut.  Ankh.  Reconciled.  Alpha Privative.  Alef.  A-life.  Ah-ha.  Amen.  Once Upon A time.  A-time.  Eternal.  A-death.  A-doubt.  Anti-dual.  Zero is the Hero.  The Savior is No Body.  Undivided.  White Light.  Magnetic.  Cause.  Ox.  Still.  Sterile.  Stellar.

3. The stars are caused by the light, not the other way around.  The Zero Magnetic Invisible Undivided Light is the Cause, the Counter-Balance of the The Divided Electrical Seven Visible Light Spectrum.  Visible light is the effect of Invisible Light.  Once there was Zero, then there was One.  Once there was One, then there was Two.  Once there was Cause, then there was Effect.  As Above So Below.  As Ox So Bull.  As Red So Blue.  As Fire So Water.  As Cause So Effect.  The One and the Many are One and Zero.  I Am.  Aum.

4. Light is All there is.  Everything is light.

5. Letters are lighters.  Grammar Gamma.  Rama. Rama. Hare. Hare.

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