Go spel

23bede53d2b52121ac1e2b60b8cebd30Go spel


all over town

Go tell

them of what

cannot be bought

cannot be owned

Of the woeful harvest

being sown

The poisonous plants

being grown


Go spel

it out for them

Make it ring

Clear as a bell

Hear the sound

of the sea

in the conch shell

For now it is time for show and tell

Time to see El hiding in the self


Go spel

what is hidden in plain sight

in the middle of the night

‘Ascending beyond all height

Descending beyond all depth

Knowing you are at one and the same moment everywhere

That you have not yet been born

That you are beyond death’


Go spel

your memories

dreams and


Planting seeds of


in the hearts and

minds of your slumbering siblings

that they may join you one day in the light

walking appreciatively alongside you in wakefulness


Go spel

your direct experience

your unfurling feeling

your grace and gratitude

now here



all one

Coneflower showing stamens ripening

For belief is a thief

Robbing you of

Access to

Y our own cognition

Y our own intuition

Y our own spirit

Y our own now

The king dome of heaven

is within you

In y our own head and heart

Take a look

It is beyond


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