Salem Woods

52940_letter_a_lg ll

is mirrored

marine mirage

marriage mort age

mort al one egg all

is reflection

disappearing reappearing


re pair ing


frag ment ed

fract al

hallowed haloed

hollowed hologram

robin red hood the

sun above shining is

mirrored by the sun

below beating y our

coronary core

krishna chrism cr

owned sovereign

star of destructive creation

cremation of the

one crushed

crescent cryst al c l

ear creased criss


sing ul ar




commercial airline

jet plane flies

overhead in the

cumulative cumulus

bright blue

its white sun


exterior glowing

in the Salem autumn

Adam atom wet


boots foots roots

delighted by the

contact with leaf

strewn granite

northeast north

America ancient

mysterious forest

hemmed in on all

sides by early 21st

century concrete beats

Samsara siren sounds

emerging emergencies

industrial machinery chimera

humming and


intermittently as the

breeze blowing

through the brown

stiffened leaves


down to the ground

all around

in ster e o

si ster

surround sound

leaving for the

win ter

to be reborn

in the spring

resurrected risen

from the dead like

the self same

radiant morning sun

at high noon like the new


c l ear l y life

and death are just

like day and night

rising and setting

Sunday to Saturday

Sun to Saturn

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