G Astronomy


I do daresay

it is not a mere

co in ci den ce

that the words Gastronomy and Astronomy are

so similar.

They are virtually the same word.  Gastronomy is Astronomy

with a G added onto the front of it. 

Now let us

ex amin e

the definitions of these two

im port ant


There is is an

op port uni ty

here to expand our under

sta n d ing

of ourselves, our words and our

world s


Words are containers of light,

same as our temples, our

time poles, our vehicles, our

vessels, our bodies.

While the temporary temple is the


the permanent conscious Self is the



Gastronomy is defined as the study of

food and culture,


Astronomy is defined as the study of

c el e st ial



Other than

sp el l ing,

what could the study of food and culture

p o s s i b l y

have to do with

the study of celestial objects



W e l l


w i l l

show you.

Allow me to

i l l u stra te.

Where shall I

star t?

I will star t

with the


 the fruit whose name

itself means fruit, as in pineapple,

most commonly depicted as the

forbidden fruit itself in

ill u stra tions

of the Gene sis

creation mythology/

nar ra ti ve, the fruit of the

Tree of Knowledge,

Knowledge of

Good and Evil

God and Devil

Adam and Eve

Odd and Even


Cut an apple down the center and look what

you get:

the seeds of future apple trees right before

your very eyes implanted in the core of the

fruit, forming a perfect five (phi-ve) pointed


Gastronomy – Astronomy


Also, there is an obvious connection between

the name Apple and the name of the ancient

Greek Sun God, Apollo.  Apple – Apollo.  Why

would the Apple be named after the Sun, the daytime star?  Could

it be that ancient peoples were not as dumb as

we have been made to believe by the

ac adem ic

ex per t s

in our arrogant


‘technologically-advanced modern civilization?’

Could it be that the ancients understood photosynthesis,

 how the Sun – which is quite understandably associated with the

t r a n s c e n den t al

my st i ca l

c rea ti ve &

de stru c ti ve

power of

God – i.e. Sun God, Sun of God –

is responsible for growing all the fruits and vegetation of Mother Earth?

Yes, of course, the ancients could have understood photosynthesis.  Perhaps they eve n


ev a por at i o n.


Perhaps they understood things we haven’t eve n

begun to imagine because we have been overly analytical,

left-brain dominant, patriarchal, distorted, war-like, unbalanced, misaligned.


The equation is really quite simple and

s el f- ev i den t

When one looks with an open mind and heart at the situation, free of corrosive

dogmas, ideologies/ culturally conditioned belief systems/ distortions:

Star = Sun = Light = Food/ Water/ Sustenance/ Life

Father Sun = Mother Earth

Herein lies the connection between

Gastronomy – the study of food and culture


Astronomy – the study of celestial objects.

ABCDEGFGESW(a steroid- t est o ster one – e stro gen)

Since our world is the effect of

The Sun, the cause of All Life on Earth, the cause of

Earth Herself,

and the Sun is a star,

a celestial object,

that means that everything that grows, all the food we eat,

is celestial, and so is our very physiology.


L e M o N

L M N – the middle letters of the alpha bet, or alpha beta in Greek, or aleph beth in Hebrew,

quite obviously signifying

L u M e N

The Latin word for



M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, smack dab in the middle,

informing us that the light is to

be found in the middle,

the pyramid

(pyra = fire- mid = in the middle = fire or light in the middle)

It is

e L e M e N t a l,

e L e M e N t a r y.

All is produced by


All is



What is that in your

che ST


on your

bre aST


It is the bone that holds your ribcage in place,

called the Sternum –

Star num

Star name.

Ster = Star.

Can you make a

f i ST ?

How’s your

w r i ST ?

I could go on and on

with this stellar

l i ST.


try s om e

cu star d

have a

t ast e

Sta c y

cut the


Perhaps you’d like some

Edam am e ,

Adam ?

A Tomato ,

Tom ?

S om e

P i sta chio s ,



TomatoSeasoned Edamame


How bout some



p e s ,

G Re g ?

Or some

Ra is in s ,

Ra ch el ?

Do you need a

Rea son ,

Rose ?





O live

O l i v

i a


Perhaps some

to aST

or a

R o aST

from your

g ra c iou s

h o ST


Or perhaps you’d like to go for a

STroll in

The Sun for

s om e


V i t

A m i n



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