My thought is Thoth

ImageMy thought is Thoth, Hermes, Mercury: swiftly I fly, descending to Earth.  I am beyond and behind your who, what, where, when, how and why. 

I am here to hear the One crying out from within the Many.  To see, taste, touch and smell the All.  To feel.  To heal. 

The brightest light radiates outward from within my dark eyes.  I will show you.

I have come full circle, 360 degrees.  I am 9, the mascu-line and femi-nine divine combined.  Lmn- Lumen- Light. 

I am the Above and Below perfectly balanced and harmonized.  Synchronized. 

I am here to assist Isis herald in the ancient knowledge of Light, the Light that has always been here, the undeniable One, dancing the real dream into being, the Christ crossing producer of all there Is-

Isis- Luna- Illumination.

This is the final stage of the dualistic Age of the two Fishes, Pisces.  The fog is lifting.  Souls who have slumbered for centuries are now stirring and awakening in Oneness.  The time for the few to divide, rule, manipulate and exploit the many is ending.  The time of brutes and bullies- cunning, ruthless dominators- sheep-eating wolves- is ending

The power-mad few, the ruling ‘elites’ of the ancient parasitic, patriarchal, patri-centric Solar and Saturnian (Satanic) cults, realize the inevitable awakening is fully under way.  Cronos is losing his grip on the hearts and minds of humanity.  The ruling psychopaths realize they are losing their power and they are terrified.  For they only have power over the many while the many still sleep.  Thus, they are doing all they can in their power to stop the awakening, pulling out all the stops, spraying the skies with poisonous cobwebs (chemtrails) each day, flooding the airwaves in Aries (Mars/ March) with celebrity gossip and trivia, fomenting war and strife all over the globe.Image

But their attempts are in vain, as they know.  Not only shall they fail miserably, but they will have to pay the karmic price for the many crimes against the people and Mother Earth they have committed throughout the centuries.  Their deception will be fully exposed for all to see and they will stand as a shameful example for all time of the horror of greed and power-madness. 

Do not fear, b-Ra-thers and Isis-Stars (sisters).  We are Stars and We emerge victorious here at the final stage of the Piscean Age and we continue the spiral dance ever upward, all the way back to the Golden Age of Peace on Earth. 


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