Time- Tie me

Ti me ImageImageThe clock

Sequential time is what the psychopathic ruling ‘Elites’- Crown (Cronos) Corporations- Corpses (The Dead)- Governments (Feeding the Mind) use to enslave us- clock time.  Tick toc…

Ti me = Tie me

Once we awaken to this, we begin to free our minds from the prison of sequential time.  Se Quen Ti Al = See Queen (Crown- Cronos- Set- Saturn- Satan) Tie All.

Being tied- bound- in bondage- enslaved- in sequential time is what shuts out the infinite and eternal (immortal) being we all really are.  It is what keeps us going round the rat wheel, locked into being good citizens, working class heroes.  It keeps us limited and stuck in spiritual amnesia, right where the ruling psychos want us. 

Ti me

ImageTime= Tie me= Bind me- Enslave me- Use me as a farm animal to produce your wealth.  Punch the clock.

It’s about Time.  The Queen’s clock time is Real= Royal Time.  It is their time, not our time.  It is artificial time, not natural time.  Did not Einstein show this quite clearly with his Relativity work?  We do NOT- knot- experience time as objective seQuence, as Chrono Logy= the Word of Cronos.  We experience time subjectively, we feel it.  A minute spent with your hand on a stove feels like an hour.  An hour in conversation with someone attractive feels like a minute.  ImageImageImageImage

Ti me flies. 

Time to free ourselves from enslavement to Set- Saturn- Satan- Cronos- The Crown- The psychopathic ‘Elites’.  If not now, when?  Free your mindImageTime to stop being dutiful subjects of the insane Empire- I am fire. 

Fire the Empire

Break the bonds

Take back the poWer

We are the Water

We are the Fire

We are not only Time (Maritime- Mary time- Water time- Mother Earth BEloW- Thor- Electricity- Effect- Current- Currency $)

We are Eternity, No Time (Fire- The Plasma- The Psalm- Father Sun ABoVE- Cause- Son of God- Divine CreaTor- Magnetism)

We are Electromagnetism

We are the WhoLE fiELd- The EnTirety Image

Adam and Eve

Yang and Yin








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