Dear Deva

1PC3D00ZDear Deva,

Th Ankh you.

I am coming back.  In ARIES.

Watching Santos upon his release in-spir-ed the living shit out of me this morning.

I have started reading ‘The Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet’ by Alvin Kuhn, recommended by Santos, which is also in-spir-ing the living shit out of me.

I intend to follow my bliss.

I intend, with your assistance of course, to break out of this prison, to stop being a good little unique grocery commerce puppet.  I’m done being a good boy, sitting quietly with my hands folded on the desk so that the teacher will release me from school first.

I intend to take a stand for freedom, peace and universal love.  I intend to claim my sovereignty and help others to do the same.

It is time.

Sitting there last night, in silent horror watching the Corporate State Addresses made it all terribly clear to me, brought the situation into a kind of stark focus that I hadn’t seen it in before- combined with presently sitting here with these middle of the road dull doom organic cafe matrons chirping their malignant trivial gossip.

I intend to push past the fear and go for it.

I accept fully that I will never fit in with these middle of the road folks, that I didn’t incarnate to balance a checkbook, that I am not here for a ‘normal’ life and that I can never live a ‘normal’ life.  Why the fuck would I want to anyways?  Not only is it utterly boring, pathetic and conformist, it is totally phony.  It is HORROR.  It is a HELL for someone wanting to live authentically.

I am that I am.

Not the Corporate Name.

Whoever doesn’t like it can eat my shorts.


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