Cash Register Synchronicity (1/18/2014)Image1. $115.33 at 5:11 pm

2. $50.52 at 5:50 pm- 25 items in purchase

3. $15.47 at 8:15 pm

4. $59.25 at 8:25 pm Image

#1 most common response (by far): I should play those numbers (in the lottery)

#2 most common response: What does it mean?

“It is meaning itself,” I answer.  “It is synchronicity, specifically Cash Register Synchronicity.  It is meaningful coincidence- two or more phenomena unrelated causally but related meaningfully.  The total price of your purchase and the time of the purchase are not related through cause and effect, but they are related meaningfully by their matching numbers.  Synchronicity, the term coined by eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, points to the oneness of mind and matter.”

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