Dear Astrophysicists

Dear Astrophysicists,

I know you are full of it. 

Full of it in the same way that the bishops, priests, ministers, rabbis, and popes are. 

And you are just as effective in duping the sleeping masses into believing and buying into your scam.

I know that your monstrous Big Bang Theory- yes it is a Theory, not a Fact!- came from the Vatican, that nasty den of psychopaths and pedophiles- perpetrators of the worst crimes against humanity of known history- The Spanish Inquisition.  

I know the game you are playing and I know the na$ty ma$ters you $erve.  Make the masses afraid, turn them into helpless farm animals- cattle and sheep- the wealth-generating slaves of the Global Roman Empire. 

I find you, your story and your believing subjects pathetic.  You say one minute that you are the humblest of the humble, that you cannot account for 96% of the Universe, what you have titled Dark Matter or Dark Energy.  Then the next minute you say that you know with certainty that the Universe is on a one way journey to Star Death- once the stars all burn their fuel in a gazillion years they will all die and there will only be darkness, no light. 

How ludicrous that you claim to be certain of that!  And even more ludicrous that people swallow your line without even asking the important question: How can you possibly claim to be certain of anything when you can only account for 4% of the universe?

Brothers and Isis Stars who still believe the Ministers of the Religion of Academic $cience, the Physi Cysts of the $ecular $uccubus: When you’re ready to stop being the mind-control subjects and victims of the self-appointed psychopathic ‘elites’, the 1%, The New World Order Parasites, the ill-u-men-att-i- when you’re tired of being raped of your vital energy and when you want to wake up, check out Walter Russel, check out Nikola Tesla, check out Santos Bonacci and his countless sources and allies!  And check out your own MInd! 




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