ImageImageCash Register Synchronicity


1. $44.20 at 4:40 pm for 20 items

2. $13.96 at 6:13 pm- $6.04 change


1. $16.60 at 6:06 pm

2. $26.24 at 6:24 pm- 6 items

3. A 20 month old baby (in her mom the customer’s arms) passes through my checkstand.  I tell the customer that my niece turned 20 months the previous day, the 14th.  This baby has blond hair and blue eyes like my niece, also.  Then, I asked her what the baby’s name is, as I continued scanning the items in her purchase.  ‘Her name is Regan,’ she said.  My niece’s name is Raegan.  Just a one letter difference.

4. $57.55 at 6:57 pm




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