Virtual is Virgo Light

Uni-Verse is One Song

Th Is

 is ReaLiTy-



GoD Sun-

Sun GoD-

Same One-

This is A Dream Drum-

Revolving Door of Light and Dark-

Isis Ra EL-

A Rhyming ReaSon- A RaySun-

A Rose In- A RiSing- A- Divine- A Divide-

Rhythmic cReaTion- SoLuTion-

The moving, vibrating, visible electrical physical Uni-Verse is sourced in the unmoving, invisible, non-physical magnetic Uni-verse. 

This eVeryThing comes from noThing and returns to nothing, eternally.

We are here and not here- now here and nowhere- simultaneously.  Image

The whole crux of the MaT-Ter is this: There is only One Being here.  And that One Being is Living, Dying, Divine, Conscious, Sentient, Self-Aware- the whole physical- Material- Mother Ra EL- Uni-Verse- is the Living Body of God.  The Body is born- every nanosecond- out of the Spirit, The Father.  The Body is the Mother- Divine Feminine- Yin- and the Spirit is the Father- Divine Masculine- Yang.  The Body is Time and the Spirit is Eternity- No Time.  All One- Alone.  All of us.

The whole question of whether or not we are alone in the Uni-verse is obviously silly from this vantage point.  The obsession with this question is rooted in the unbalanced ‘materialistic’ view which dominates academia and every level of ‘society.’  The physical ‘sciences’ are run and operated by the blind and arrogant, who are engaged in a war to the death with the fake religions, the businesses of control and belief.

The physical Uni-Verse is the electrical effect of the magnetic cause, which is Spirit.  All the physical ‘scientists’ are studying is the effect.  They deny the cause because they can’t see it, claiming that what we can’t see is of no account, even though it is well understood that there are spectra beyond the human range of sensory perception.  The physical ‘sciences’ are not science at all.  A scientific mind is an open mind.  But the minds of academics are closed shut.  They are in denial and distortion, serving the diabolical will of the self-appointed elites at the highest positions of business and government.  Plain and Simple.

It would be one thing if this denial was just isolated to the Church of Science, but it’s not.  It’s everywhere and it’s raping and pillaging the Wholly Mother Terra.  ‘Science’ is used to rationalize and justify the parasitic way of life, the ‘free’ market economic system- Isis time- which endlessly sucks out ‘resources’ and gives nothing back.  We are collectively being held back from manifesting a world of balance, peace and harmony and kept locked in the vibration of war and fear, the separative left-brain dominant patriarchal consciousness.

We are all sacred beings of eternal divine light.  This is not a matter of belief.  This is self-evident truth to a free mind with its whole brain activated.

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