All Is Numbers

All Is Numbers

& Levi Strauss is

Live StarsImageImageImagerighT There


Stitched into youR



-Trademark is

Terra- The Door-

The Ram- SiriusImageSister is Isis Star,

Esther- Ishtar- Easter

ImageAdam & Eve aRe

Odd & Even

Yang & Yin


six DooRImage

Valentine is Nine, Ten & Eleven

Neapolitan is Five Sun Light-


Vanilla is Eleven

-My Story is Mastery

Of  Wholly Mystery ImageImageNavy is Even

So is Oven,


Kidney is Sunday

Sun Dei



-Sun God is

God Sun

Same One-

Sirius is Isis,


SirImageImageImageSter is StarImageImageSo is Store

– Diamond is Sun God, God Sun, Amon

So is Cinnamon

Your language is Astro-Theological

Like it or not, MisTer AtheiST & you too

MisTer BelieVer – Virgin Bull goD

ImageAstrology is the Top Science- Always has been- Always will be

ImageThe Wheel is the Will

Wake up


ImageStar Anise is The Sun & Isis-

Light produces All

ImagePeach Melba is

Seven- The Lamb & The Bull,


Navel is Eleven Image, Steven- Star Seven ImageImageImage

Sir E.B. Ram

Sirius Door


Nectarine is

Sun- Terra- The Ram- Nine-

The Sun in Aries

March is Month #1

ImageThe Wheel is The Will

-The Twelve Apostles are

The Twelve Houses of

The Zodiac

-The Market Economy is

The Ram- Set- Saturn- Satan- & Sun Amon-

Sir Cinnamon


Sunny Honey

Son Eye



Chile is

El Sol

Sane is Sun

& Mayor Menino is

The Ram- Amon- Nine

Muscatel Wine is

Sun Set Light One & Nine

Nettles is Ten- Soul- Sol- Light

Words are containers of Light

Like it or not, MisTer FiSher- Seven Sirius

Mulligan Stew is ImageThe Lamb- The Light- The Sun- The Star

ImageEverything is meaningful,

Christine STevens, & that is

Far more valuable than


Amon EyeImage

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