Pen T

ImageI Am That I Am

All Things

No Things

Zero One and




Amon Door

I Am All S Even

And I Am All Five



TaoImageEven Twelve Selves

The Whole Torus Field

All Five Flavors

You Savor

E Ver Y Favor

The Pensive Pawn ImageAll Penta G. RaM

I Am

Sam ImagePenta G. One

In E Ver Y Poem & PomegRaNate-

Magic Magnetic 5 RaM Eight

The Penis in P L a i N

Sight All Night ImageE Ver Y P L a i N

The Virgin Lamb

E Ver Y Penetration and Pine

Tree Terra Tory

Torah Tarot

RoTor moTor

Wheel Will

I Am

SamImageThe Panini you 8 on Neptune

While practicing Nepotism

I am the Spinning LooM

The Seven Five Sun Lamb Lam p & LighT

All EighT

Height & WeightImage



TaoImageFry Four Fire Fury

Fairy ImageRo-Tar-Y


Terra Aton Lamb

The Wholly Light

The Pan-A-T-Ton-IImageSer-Pen-T

PresenT in

PerSon in PriSon ImageImageRaMa RaMaImagePenTa G. One

GOne Image5 A Ten

Terra 8

In Fin Ite

Ligh T

That’s Righ T

E Ver Y


TImagePen T

Plen T






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Eye am that Eye am
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