ImageSo you think you’re S M A R T, eh ?

As I have repeated several times here on this site, English is Anglish- Ang-el-ish & Ang-le-ish.  It is, like all language, Wholly Sacred & designed not only to communicate functionally & overtly, but it is also designed to communicate covertly, to express Sacred Geometry, The Divine Principles of Creation & Consciousness, The Perennial Philosophy- The Science of Light.  It is designed to direct us to who and what we All Really aRe- The Divine Mind of Infinite & Eternal Light- The Source, The Magnetic Cause, The All, not MeRely the EL-ectrical effect.

Each word contains Light & is encoded with divine information transcendental of the functional aspect of the word.  This information is frequently expressed in AnagRams- usually expressing the Sacred Mystery of the Spring Equinox, the REAL beginning of the natural Solar Year, when The Fa-Ther in Heaven- the R A M- Amon Ra- The Ra-Diance, The Sun- fertilizes The BLue Mo-Ther Earth- Ter-Ra.

Yes, the Sp-R I N-g Equinox is when the Solar Year Really commences, not January 1st, as we have been scammed into believing by the Diabolical Patriarchy centered in Rome & London.  Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to the Global Patriarchal Dec-eption.  This month, Dec-ember, is really the Tenth Month of the Solar Year, January is the 11th and February the 12th. It is of utmost significance that we all see and understand this, that is if we wish to get back into Conscious Alignment and cease raping our Mat-Ter, ouR Wholly Mo-Ther earTh, Terra, the Trinity.  (See my earlier series entitled Terra to see how the coding of this Wholly name works in the Ang-el-ish Lan-g-uage.  Also see Santos Bonacci’s page on Youtube- “Mr. Astro-Theology.”  Watching Mr. Bonacci’s lectures helped me enormously on the path of Gnosis.)

So, without fur-Ther ado, here’s the Sacred coding, the Light, contained in the oft-used but little understood word: S M A R T –

1. s M A R t :

M A R – M A Rhea – MoTher M A R-Y- The R A M – The Sun In A R I E S – M A R ch – Sp-R I N- g Equinox- The Sacred Fertilization

2. S m A R t :

S A R – S I R I U S – Star Source of our Toroidal Field, our Solar System – Isis Star- A R I E S – S I R A E- The Cer-ebRum

3. S m A R T :

S A R T- S T A R

4. s m A R T :

A R T- Creative pursuit- T A R- Terra – Our Wholly Mo-Ther earTh- Sacred Matter- Material World

5. S M A r t :

S M A- S A M- S A N- S U N- The Sun- The Star- Amon-Ra- The R A M- The CerebRum- The L A M B- Lamp- Luminescence- Con-Scious-neSS- The LighTImageImageImageImageImage

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