WinTer- One TerraImage

Wholly MoTher- WaTer- All Mat Ter-

goD MoTher & FaTher

sac reD- LuMinous- ReVoLVinG Door

MaRhea- BLue earTh- Thirty-Three- MysTery

ViRgo- Tara- Taurus- AvaTar-

RoTor- MoTor- Wheel- Will

Wholly Trinity- Tree Image

Maiden- MoTher- C-Ron-e

Divine- Life- deaTh- RebirTh

Theodore- Dorothea

Terra- Torah- Tarot

Time- JupiTer- PeTer-

SaTurn- SeT- S A Ton- Turkey- TurTLe Isis LaN-d ImageLaMb- LaMp

JeZeus- HaThor- ELec T riC iTY- CerebRuM-

H earT-

C H R I S T – C H R I – C H I R – S I R I U S –

R I S T – S T I R – S T A R

SisTer- Isis STAR- IshTar- EasTer- Source-

A Womb Mon Ra-

MeRRy- MaRhea- RaMa- RaMa-

A R I E S- O S I R I S- S I R I U S-

MaRch 21- SpRiNg RaM

C H R I S T M A S- S I R I U S- S T A R-

M A S- S A M- S U N


ImageWholly h-oRN-ed


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