The Ana G RAM MAR Athon

ImageI Am The RAM

& I Am The LAMBImageI Am That I Am, Sam

Sun- Same One, John

Stone Stencil Paper Pencil

Star One- God The Sun

The Whirling Dervish

The Shiva Lingam

E Ver Y Ligament

Electromagnetic Magical Imagination

The Word- The Sword- The Third Bird

Yes I Am, MaRissa MayeR

Rama Rama

Ma-Rhea Ma-Rhea ImageThe Terrible Terrific One- The WhoLE TruTh And NoThing Bu T

BeauTifuL TaBoo

G reaT Mys Ter Y

de SerT- Sirius- Source- Sau Cer- Sorcerer

Sermon- Ceremony- Cereal gRaiN- The WhoLE bRaiN

RaN RaiN RuNe RuN

MoRe MaRe MeyeR MiRiam ImageA R i e S

Sir- Surrender, Mi STer SaN Der Son

VirTual VirGin- Virgo Sun Allah God- EL

Revere- River- Riviera- Raven

RayMond- God RAM MARch Amon

Madonna Maiden

MaRy TyLeR MooRe

The Real Ra EL ImageReal

ChaiR Man of the Board

Sirius Amon Bird Door

Son of God Song

Son of Man- Manson

MaSter MaSon

The Sun Is God

Cinnamon- Sun Amon

Amen- Amon Ra

The Bird Is The Word

B riDe G RooM- God Ram Door

B R a D





Odd F EL L O W ImageTorah Tarot

Terra Tara

Tur n The Key

ChriSt ImageImageChriSt

Chir- Sir- I- Us

riSt- Stir- Star

Sirius Star


DogImageImageRaMon RoMan


Pass The Tor ch, Chur ch

Chir P Chir P

I Am That I Am

The Wooly Lamb

Lama Lama

Rama Ram a

MaRses Moses

MaRhea Isis

The Wheel- The Will

EL eph anT



A Star A StarImageIshtar Ishtar

Tar Tar Sauce

Terra Terra Isis

I am

In F o R M


Fa Ther Mo Ther

righT Ther e

Dear Dorothea


TotoImageImageEn Ter The RooM, 22

Dar K- Door 11:11- MaSter Y MySter Y My Stor Y

I am P RiMaR Y


A Me R i C A

RaM A Sirius

Divine Divide

Even Eve

Odd Adam

Num Ber- Man Door

MaRch 21- Vested Virgin RaM, Virginia

Fertilizer and Fertilized

Sperm and Egg

Virtual Rhea L T Y

MaRhea RaM Sirius

Terra Cotta- Terra fiRMa

No EL No EL- foRM & foRM L e SS

EL Isis Ra

Osiris Isis Horus

Maiden Mother Crone ImageImageImageStar Man


Fo RuM

F ouR

Ra Fa Ther

F iRe

Yes you aRe


Uk RaiN e






Sirius- Source

Iran- I Ra M

RaM MaR Sir riS

Sirius Osiris

Wholly Je Sus- Zeus- Jup i Ter- Pe Ter- Paul- Apollo- Thor- Three- EL ec T ric i C AL- goD

Magnetic Magic ImaginationImageCriss-Crossing SnoW SonW WhiTe LighT- ALL EL Life- Olive- I live- Alleviate- EL Even EL Even- Aleph- EL F

Red White Blue

Wholly Trinity

Ra EL Isis

FaTher FiRe Sun- goD, The Light- MoTher WaTer EarTh Terra Tory Tarot Torah

ReMote conTroL- OwLs- VowELs- BowELs- TowELs

reD Door

FuLL SpecTRUM- Terra The RAM

SepTemBer- Seven Sun Door- goD

DeCemBer- Ten Sun Door- goD

Month- Moon- Mon- Amon- goD The Sun

Amen Aman Amon- goD The Sun

I am

HaRe RaMa HaRe RaMa

Hello- Hola- Aloha- Hallelujah

Wholly Wholly Wholly

All Allah Ella

I am InFoRM AT i ON

fouR RaM MaRe Aton

ouR fa Ther in Heaven

In The Head- Third Eye- Ajna- Pineal Gland- Sun EL God Aten

ImageImageE MeRge, Man Son- Sun Man- Amon- Stir ChriSt- Star- Steer- RaMa RaMa- MaRhea MaRhea- MaRk- MoRk fRoM OrK- Lama Lama- Lamb A Lamb A- K ReM Lin- Co Lum B ia- Vo Lum e- RaM & LaMb

Co Lum n- C Rem ini Mush RooM- Sun RaM- Lun G- Lam B- erT- Ter Ra- Star- Lon G & Sh orT- Torah- Torus- Tortoise- Turtle Island- Continent- Sun Aten- Tara- Kyle- Lyle- Style- ALL EL- One goD- E Ver Y One- The Virgin- Ri Ver- Re Ver e

Ro Tor- Mo Tor- Wholly ImageImageMonster- Man Star

John One Son- Sun- Same One, Sam U EL

Y Ang EL- Yin EL

As Above So Below

As Within So Without

The Holographic Wholly Hollow Hallowed Universe, Holly

Je Sus- Sustain- Zeus- JupiTer- PeTer- Paul- Apollo- AppleImageThe Torus Fi EL d

SymmeTry- Sun & Terra aRe goD


CemeTary- Sun & Terra aRe goD


Lama Lama- Joseph- Set- SaTurn- Satan- Aten Sun

Time to AwaKen, Ken

Ani MuS- Inanna MuS- SuM- SuN- SaMe One, SaM U EL

EL ec Tro MaG neT ic

Day is Dei


Tur K- Tor K- Trinity- TruSt- Star T- TruTh- ruTh






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