‘Tis A MaT Ter of Spi riT

Aseven-chakras‘Tis A MaT Ter of Spi riT

Our Anglish word ‘matter’- i.e. ‘The material world’- is derived from the Greek word ‘mater’, which literally means ‘mother’.

Matter Is Mother Divine. Sac reD Feminine. OuR Bodies aRe li Ter ALLY ouR Temples, ouR Time Poles.

TempoRaL, Tran SiT oRy Matter, Terra, is not sepaRaTe from eTer N AL InFiniTe Spi riT, and this knowledge- ancient wisdom- is encoded in ouR VeRy words.

They are Yin And Yang, Dan-cing & D ReaMing- To Ge Ther, Hea Ther.

‘Tis A MaT Ter of Spi riT

English is Anglish- Ang EL Ish- Ang LE Ish. Totally sac reD.

Like All L Ang Uages, it is coded with Astro-Theology.

My huge thanks to Santos Bonacci, whose lectures on Youtube have hELped me immensely this yeaR, the year 20 Thir Teen, the yeaR of eRos.

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