Astro Theology In Car Logos


F ORD = FaTher FiRe FouR DooR- Sun God Ra- God Sun Ra- Son of Man- Man Son- Son of God- One C Rhea Tor of The FouR Sea Suns, The FouR Dir ections, The FouR EL Amen Ts, The Seven Colors, The Seven Days, The Seven ChakRas, The FuLL specT RaM.




EL Der

Door of God

ROLLS ROYCE= Ra EL Sun- Sun God- God Sun- Son of God- Son of Man- Mason- Manson- Monsoon

VOLVO= Eve- Even Number- The Two- The ELecTRIcLE Effect of EL- One God- The OwL- The WhoL L Y TRI Nit Y- Vow EL- No EL No EL- R I N G the B EL L

ARIEL= Ra Isis EL- Is Ra EL- Isis- ALL There EveR Was, Is & ShaLL Be

MAZDA= ADAM- I AM- AUM- MA- AD Z AM- Z- Zeus- ELecTRIcAL Deus- goD- ALL MaT Ter- Terra- DA- AD- AD AM- Odd Num B ER- The One- The Cause- White Light- Snow White- God The Sun

NISSAN= One Sun God- One God Son- The Sun- Divine Creator

JAGUAR= Ja- Hova- G- Seventh LE T Ter- One God- U- AR- RA- The Sun God- God The Sun

Chrysler= Ch riSt- Chi Star- ER- RE- RA- L- EL- God The Sun- The Sun God

MO TOR= OM Terra h OM e Terra- Wholly Mo Ther

Ro Tor



MA Rhea

Toyota- The BuLL- Taur us

HOLDEN- H OL Y- EL- One God- CRea Tor of Eve Ra Y CRea Tur e- Den- Eden- Aden- I den T iTy- Aden- Aten- Aton- God The Sun- The Sun God- Wholly- The Who EL- The O D OO R

Chevrolet= Chi- Even- Ro- Ra- le- EL- The One God- T- Chevron

The ‘owners’, The RUL Ing C L A SS, know the Tru Th.  The Terr ific and Terr ib LE.  Torah- Tarot- Mat Ter- Terra- Wholly Spi riT.

English is Anglish, Angel-ish, Angle-ish, loaded with Astro-Theology- The Word of The Star God-, just like ALL L Ang uages.

Day is Dei.

God is the Sun.  Sun Dei.  The Sun is God. Like ALL St aR s.  Stars are not Atomic Furnaces/ Reactors.  They are not burning down.  The are not burning anything.  There is a grand global deception taking place.  The corporations- known as ‘Universities’, ‘Churches’, ‘Governments’, The ‘Academic Community’, The RoMan EmpiRe- The Black Iron Prison, as Philip K. Dick aptly dubbed the whole insane complex- aRe in the bu$iness of obscuring and concealing the Truth, cReating left-brain perception prisoners who have been conditioned to equate imagination with unreality, dividing and conquering, pitting ‘Religion’ against ‘Science’, ‘Believers’ against ‘Atheists’, and making billion$ from warfare and global exploitation.  Crime is the Rule, not the exception.

It is all about maintaining the status quo, keeping the owners in their positions of ownership, keeping the peopLE- ‘workers’ and ‘consumers’-  asleep, oblivious of Their RE al Na Tur e- God The Sun, Snow White, The One Who Creates Seven, converting Zero Point Magnetism- The Cause- The Source- No thing- Into Eve Ra Y Th Ing.  CReation is magnetic, magicAL imagination.  C Rhea Tion= ELec Tro Mag neT Is m.  Life is Light.  Ref Ra c Tion.  Color.

Terra, WaTer, earTh- us- Isis- Three- Thor- Is the Sacred ELecTricaL effect of The Cause, God’s StiLL, SteLLar, Magnetic Mind of WhiTe Light- SnoW White- with which We- The Seven- aRe One.

We are in an Eternal Dance of Many Torus Fields comprising One G reaT Torus Fi EL d, The Uni-Verse, The One Son G.  Sun G.

There is no beginning, no Big Bang, and the the STory of Genesis- Sun Isis- did not LiTeraLLy occur in a distant time.  It IS Now.  Won Der- One Door.

Tis juST a RiDe Through The DooR, DoRa, Theodor, Dorothy, Toto, Twenty-Two, Ter Ri eR.

And Sirius, the doG STar, is the Source, Sir.  Image

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