Vast A thon

A4NumberFourInCircleUntil, in 1945, the library was discovered and dug up- and read. So Thomas had to wait- not forty years- but two thousand; because the golden fish sign wasn’t enough. Immortality, the abolition of time and space, comes only through the Logos or plasmate; only it is immortal.Acanstock10287218We are talking about Christ. He is an extra-terrestrial life form which came to this planet thousands of years ago, and, as living information, passed into the brains of human beings already living here, the native population. We are talking about interspecies symbiosis.aagerwthBefore being Christ he was Elijah. The Jews know all about Elijah and his immortality- and his ability to extend immortality to others by “dividing up his spirit.” The Qumran people knew this. They sought to receive part of Elijah’s spirit.

“You see, my son, here time changes into space.”

First you change it into space and then you walk through it, but as Parsifal realized, he was not moving at all; he stood still and the landscape changed; it underwent a metamorphosis. For a while he must have experienced a double exposure, a superimposition, as Fat did. This is the dream-time, which exists now, not in the past, the place where the heroes and gods dwell and their deeds take place.AGAGWWEREthThe single most striking realization that Fat had come to was his concept of the universe as irrational and governed by an irrational mind, the creator deity. If the universe were taken to be rational, not irrational, then something breaking into it might seem irrational since it would not belong. But Fat, having reversed everything, saw the rational breaking into the irrational. The immortal plasmate was totally rational, whereas our world is not. This structure forms the basis of Fat’s world-view. It is the bottom line.

For two thousand years the single rational element in our world had slumbered. In 1945 it woke up, came out of its dormant seed state and began to grow. It grew within himself, and presumably within other humans, and it grew outside, in the macro-world. He could not estimate its vastness, as I have said. When something begins to devour the world, a serious matter is taking place. If the devouring entity is evil or insane, the situation is not merely serious; it is grim. But Fat viewed the process the other way around. He viewed it exactly as Plato had viewed it in his own cosmology; the rational mind (noos) persuades the irrational (chance, blind determinism, ananke), into cosmos.

This process had been interrupted by the Empire.

AGAGAGthsss“The Empire never ended.” Until now; until August 1974 when the Empire suffered a crippling, perhaps terminal, blow, at the hands- so to speak- of the immortal plasmate, now restored to active form and using humans as its physical agents.

Horselover Fat was one of those agents. He was, so to speak, the hands of the plasmate, reaching out to injure the Empire.

Out of this, Fat deduced that he had a mission, that the plasmate’s invasion of him represented its intention to employ him for its benign purposes.

~VALIS by Philip K. Dick; pages 120-121

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