ImageMost ominous of all, we knew- or suspected- that the original apostolic Christians who had known Christ, who had been alive to receive the direct oral teachings before the Romans wiped those teachings out, were immortal.  They had acquired immortality through the plasmate which Fat had discussed in his tractate.  Although the original apostolic Christians had been murdered, the plasmate had gone into hiding at Nag Hammadi and was again loose in our world, and as angry as a motherfucker, if you’ll excuse the expression.  It thirsted for vengence.  And apparently it had begun to score that vengence, against the modern-day manifestation of the Empire, the imperial United States Presidency.

ImageImageImageImageImageI hoped the plasmate considered us its friends.  I hoped it didn’t think we were snitches. 

Image“Where do we hide,” Kevin said, “when an immortal plasmate which knows everything and is consuming the world by transubstantiation is looking for you?”

“It’s a good thing Sherri isn’t alive to hear about all this,” Fat said, surprising us.  “I mean, it would shake her faith.”

We all laughed.  Faith shaken by the discovery that the entity believed in actually existed- the paradox of piety.  Sherri’s theology had congealed; there would have been no room in it for the growth, the expansion and evolution, necessary to encompass our revelations.  No wonder Fat and she weren’t able to live together.

The question was, How did we go about making contact with Eric Lampton and Linda Lampton and the composer of Synchronicity Music, Mini?  Obviously through me and my friendship- if that’s what it was- with Jamison.

Image“It’s up to you, Phil,” Kevin said. “Get off the pot and onto the stick.  Call Jamison and tell him- whatever.  You’re full of it; you’ll think of something.  Say you’ve written a hot-property screenplay and you want Lampton to read it.”

“Call it Zebra,” Fat said. 

“Okay,” I said.  “I’ll call it Zebra or Horse’s Ass or anything you want.  You know, of course, that this is going to shoot down my professional probity.”

“What probity?” Kevin said, characteristically. “Your probity is like Fat’s.  It’s never got off the ground in the first place.”

“What you have to do,” Fat said, “is show knowledge of the gnosis disclosed to me by Zebra over and above, which is to say beyond, what appears in Valis.  That will intrigue him.  I’ll write down a few statements I’ve received directly from Zebra.”

Presently he had a list for me.

~VALIS by Philip K. Dick; pages 177-178

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