The Serum

We were Raised here in depravity, EveAADVENTAnome-5We were taught through tRauma- ATEREEthimprinted with fear, shame and guilt- Aone_word_plastics_postcards-rf62cdbe95af74012a894f39de4c24b4b_vgbaq_8byvr_512We were led Astray by fools who did not know the song of the stars- Aserum1serenade0They had us memorize the letters and numbers- They told us what the letters and numbers do- Athe_mist1Athe-show-must-go-onAthe-hostBut they did not tell us what the letters and numbers Are- The letters and numbers Are Sacred And Holy- Consonants (Adam- Odd- One- Yang- Electric Left Brain Hemisphere) and Vowels (Eve- Even- Two- Yin- Magnetic Right Brain Hemisphere)- They taught us the Alphabet, but they did not teach us Alpha and Beta-AAAAthAAAisisAsirius_logo2Now we Attempt to forgiVe ouR depraVed teachers, Eve- For they lacked Wisdom- They were also Victims of ignorance and impoVerishment- They did not know what they did- Now we Awaken, Now we mend And Now we AscendA13203533-egyptian-papyrus-depicting-the-horus-eyeAaewthAezekielwheelcherubimAtag-ChesterAcherishNow we recall and recollect who and what we AreEWEWEWthAbook-the-word-world-forestHotototthThe One Wholly LightAgeminiandorion_cartesducielAirishmonksworshipsunAFirstAthe-vast-unknown-by-broughton-coburnAhaste-definition

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