John 1:1 Athon XV

A8070egyptian_gods-copyIt’s the circle, SirAmiceAstage-fright-cast-creditsYou’re in the Cast
Soar Seer Sirius Radius RaA2813Attest your vest
RayA9781931798358_p0_v1_s260x420It’s the worstAMastAcopleySquareFountainBostonObelisks in Copley Square, BostonAAstoria_Visitors_MapAcries-whispersSalt- salvation- salute- salad- salmon- salamander- salami- Salem- Solomon- Sol- Soul- sell- El- sale- sail- stallA8030.kronos%5b1%5dValue Is Eve- Value Is El- Value Is Love- Value Is Isis- Value Is not Federal Reserve NotesAhistory-channelA4681807_f496The diabolical sinister cult of materialism shall fall and Mother Terra shall be liberatedArclock-01-15_34389_mdThe Empire endsAlast_supperThe truth shall set you freeApreview001Re L ATiONsAvast_logoDevastate Ra El Estate stone atone AtonHotototthAtoast1District castrate magistrate steroids testosterone star oneATETETETthAStar-tattoos-for-girls-on-wrist-picture-2wrist star- install stRange stRucture ster star store stare startAthirstAikki_tousen_eloquent_fistEcclesiastes surgery King’s Church Pew #33- Paul Revere- CattEl- Odd Eye See Ul El- Eye Sees Isis Pisces Christ Crises RisesAUS-GreatSeal-ReverseSermon seer soar lore allure All you Are- Cerebrum cherubim um om Aum umbrElla El la lane Elaine PagEls pages paper papal pay pal power shower towEl flower hour Horus owl rulE fooL fuEl tooL cruEl vowEl rEaL All Rhea Area RAegan Ray Sun Son Ra Is In Raisin song Radio Adam Odd Radius Ray Ad Am Antennae Aten- I Am- Autumn Light- Eve Ry Night- That Is Right- We take flight- after aster- HaVing a bite with Eve Ave A venue- Watching Ma Rhea fly a kiteAWord-Waste-01-TVDSurrender survive surreptitious serpent surreal Susan su sun su son Sumeria summer sum serious Sirius us- Serene Sarah say Ra Sa son Sea sonAtastethewordJourney to Angland- from my village- my tribe- my home- my store- my story- my star- mastery- mystery- In a small white boat- my father the sachem sees me off- our large coastal village dissolving on the Horus horizon- I adjust the sails- starboard SturbridgeA_thumb_100x100The Uni-verse Is the One Song
All stars sing- The beginning Is- not was- time is one undivided present moment eternally- the dream of the one divine undivided still white light- dream dance- Eternity loves to dance with time- fiElds- paRks- daRks- aRks- shaRks- arc- coVen- Even- Eve- Ave- coVenant- Ra- dendRitic bRanching- ankh bank crank thank tank clank- Et ceteRaAtrust‘How could it come to this?’ in my Head- Heaven- heaved up- walking along SaLEm River- water mater by my vessEl’s left side- the Halloween carnivaL coming down- looking through my childhood View Master- My Star- 33- Master Mason- Ma Son Con- Reincarnation- Sudanese- Eden- Australian- A Star- man and woman- yang and yin- magic wand- one- the swan- Isis- Ishtar- Esther- With me- dream light- A man walks by and I overhear him talking to the woman with him- ‘After (Aster) my HaLloween got ruined, I just wanna shoot Eve Ray thing.’Anchem.1608-i1After (Aster) viewing Gravity- A 21st stEllar centuRy shopping mAll is a stRange modern Mars hall- a cheap sci fi B movie phantasm- holographic daydream production- Pythagorean theaterAsatan3ASaturneAsaturday_050Patriarchy is the problem- for men and women- sinISTer left bRain pRison peRception dominance- repression of Right bRain feminine Yin magic magnetic imagination- intuitionAxv-tattoo‘Humans- peopEl- are sadAm and hilARious je-Zeuses- eternal and infinite light falsely IDENtified- EDEN- with Time- Adam Odd Bod-y- TempEl bODy is sacRed container Aton- matter mater Mother- but not to be confused with El

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