John 1:1 Athon VI

In the Beginning1_big_aThere Is Only Oneclub_of_one_formalWow NowatenInfinite And EternaltimeDance of LightAtom7-14d Fancy Autumn Wordadamdan-werner-sunset-on-the-waterWalking On Water968pic_odd_and_evenOur Father Who Art In Heaven= The Sun2781904494_dc2cd747c0_zEatonAton AthonAtmanLightzerozeroyellow sea oil fieldwpid-title-miracle1RA Aten Aton Athonword_4842cthRA Is In Your B-RA-in9781439222430compass_roseConnect4dividethe_four_elements_by_nlbroekienl-1-jpg1light_waves_001four-seasonsCheopsPyramidhuman_tonguelast-supper-astrotheologyattain-77502056hymn to aten1pineal glandTo Be Continued…

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