A church1This is the Deity the Dei Athon

Do not listen to the deceitful
Fake Evangelism of the Idiot Madman Athon
Who shut you out of your Temple
And keep you from your body’s innate serpentine Water Wisdomkundalini-2
My b-Ra-thers And Isis-Stars
These ‘ministers’ Are Not spiritual
Not Eve N close to being Wholly Men
They Do Not Have the Word Aton
They Lack the Light of Truth Aton
For their minds and hearts Are sick Aton
They Are Prison Wardens We Must Free Ourselves From Aton
They do not know how to read the Wholly Book
They do not know the Wholly Science of Light
They spit upon the Astrological knowledge and wisdom
They malign you and the Wholly Divine Feminine
They pump you and your Temple with guilt And Shame And fear
To control your mind and heart Aton
They do not know This Here And Now
With Our Wholly Mother Ter-Ra Is the One Day
The Deity The Dei Aton
You do not die
Your temple goes to the tomb Aton
Not you Aton Ra for
You Are the Infinite Eternal Ra-Diance
One With Our Father Aton Ra And Mater Ter-Ra
Go within in your b-Ra-in And A see for yourself
Do not believe me
For your Wholly knowledge Is waiting for you
In your God Body
Your Wholly Temple Adam Aton 162572

A 7217768d5b9cfc5f_lost-finaleThey do not Know The Father Sun Ra
They Are blind and wicked Atom Atons
They Are A Greedy Manipulative Materiali$t Cult Aton
Guilty of colluding in the Long Con Econo Athon
And Ra-ping of Our Wholly Blue Water Mater
Deaf Dumb And Blind Are They
They may not be Catholic Aton But They Are Still The
Unholy Roman Empire Aton
They still work for the Inquisition Acon
Which never ended Amon
They Are the Heartless Cruel Roman Empire Aton
They do not know Isis
All who Eve R Was Is And Shall Be
The Ancient And Eternal Gnosis
The Knowledge of The Bird Goddess language-of-the-goddess

The Sick Fake Evangelists will infect youA claire-lost-11672261-1280-710
With their woeful disease of Ignorance of the mInd
And impoverishment of the heart
If you let them b-Ra-thers And Isis-Stars
They will put you in mental And Emotional Chains

Hear me my b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars A dei_olimpo_grandeDo not let your temple go to her tomb without learning who you Are therein A lostfinale
Do not fall for their fake beliefs
Their fake faith that makes you
Take the Wholly stories literally
Which to be sure is the wrong way to take them
They tell you over and over you are A sinner
Born unclean And that you must fear A fake Cartoon Devil
And that you must take the life of Je-Zeus Christ as History
When it in no way represents actual historical persons and eventsA FLOCKE_2
It is powerful Gnostic allegory
With several layers of meaning
One aspect being that when you stand up to the Unholy Roman Empire
You tend to get forcefully knocked out of your temple- crucified-
Just like b-Ra-ther JFK and many moreassassinationthe smiths
The Wholly stories Are meant to be understood symbolically
To lead you to spiritual knowledge And power within
For yes the Kingdom of the Dei Aton Ra (Deity Here and Now) Is indeed within you
Ra Is In Your b-Ra-inpineal_gland_2
The fake Evangelists do not want you to have your inherent knowledge and power
The Gnosis of Isis- the wisdom of the serpent Water Mater which makes you whole and happy 2000px-US-FederalReserveBoard-Seal.svg
They want you to continue to blindly submit and bow down to the tyrants
The sick fat cats and con men at the top of the diabolical power pyramid
To continue to fear death A tongue
Never being fully present in your Temple
Never being bold and powerfulA Desmond Atonth
A weak blind Atom Aton
A Lost Sheep
In their stable 16NumberSixteenInCircle
A Ra-t in A cage4274crowngimage.php3010232030_57426d2899_zGeorge-W.-BushCharlotte Prepares For Democratic National Conventionguy_de_rothschild_est_mort_reference

Do not be duped left-brain-right-braineen-ton
Stand tall And join me in the happy and free Light of the Dei kundalini
My b-Ra-thers And Isis-stars
A women And A men
Together Wholly Whole And Balanced
Partners in Supreme Knowledge of the Real Aton1348561566-28153400Eat the fruit- It is Love- Light- Wisdom- Gnosis- Without it you will never be happy, whole and free- Without it you will remain imprisoned in the lower mind4068-pine-coneA ApocalypseNowA Sayid_Jarrah_-_LostA Dei Aton Ding DongA 05-Salone-dei-CinquecentoAd Quadratum24 Horus

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