The Temple of Light Athon

etymology_headerleft-brain-right-brainAton Atom One Adam Autumn Odd God Aum Home Time Temple Tomb Tongue Tone

a-sunTo my b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars

Who Are still living As st-Ra-ngers in their own Wholly Temples Of Light

Foreigners In Your One God Bodies Which Are The Same As Words-

Containers of the One Divine Divided Light Here Now This Dei Aton- the Infinite Eternal Omniscient One Mindfc_infinity_41717_lg

I encou-Ra-ge you to stop being foreigners in your own homes

146816438_c91218ea71And Sit Facing Our Wholly Fire Father In Heaven Sun Aton Ra this Dei Aton prefe-Ra-bly by a body of Mater Water

Feel the heat and the beat of your Sacred Mater Ter-Ra Heart

162572Breathe the Father’s Fire And Air slowly and deeply  into your lungs of Light Aton And place your attention Aton on the Mater Water

Sing the deep vib-Ra-tional Aum Tone Home Resonance on your Tongue Aton

Send the deep love wave Eve Ra Where Resonance All Throughout your body

Ankh_isis_nefertariAs you feel the Rays of Sun Aton Ra’s Loving Warm g-Ra-ce upon your forehead

Let go of what you have been conditioned to believe by the Long Con Education E Con O my consumer Prog-Ra-mming Athon Which t-Ra-ined you from Dei One Aton to be A st-Ra-nger in your own Wholly House of Light, t-Ra-umatizing you and feeding you misinformation, locking you in the left b-Ra-in, only able to criticize, analyze and sepa-Ra-te, unable to unite, making you an alien Aton in your own Sacred environment Aton, est-Ra-nging you from youR Wholly Mater Water Ter-Ra And Father Fire Sun Ra

Just make the choice to bust out of the left b-Ra-in vib-Ra-tional prison Aton

Choose no longer to be a st-Ra-nger in your own Wholly Temple of Light- the Light You Are This and Eve Ra Dei Atonapple

And close your eyes and open your one Eye by placing your attention Aton

On your mid-b-Ra-in your pineal gland the py-Ra-mid- fire in the middlefour_directions_logo

Feel your whole b-Ra-in while still breathing deeply and sending the deep Tone from your Throat and Tongue down and All throughout your Body

Let go of what you have been conditioned to think about your body, what others have programmed you to believe about your Temple

For it is not anyone else’s Temple- it is yours

Once you stop being a st-Ra-nger therein you will find it is beautiful and benevolent and wise beyond your wildest dreams Aton akenaton-en-atonAd-Quadratum-2Brain-HemispheresSun-and-Sky2-1jtbpbrKundalinix

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