Dear Wholly Mother And Father

Aton Ra Etym Aton Ra Sun Aton Autumn Aton Adam Aton Eden Aton Odd Aton Garden Aton One Aton A tongue Aton A tone A tonsel Aton A th-RoA-t Aton A note Aton All Number Aton All At on Aton Add Aton Thon Aton Then Aton Tion Aton A Team Aton Awaken Aton Item Aton Time Aton Eternal Aton Infinite Aton A ton Aton Pineal-glandAs-Above-So-Belowakenaton-en-atonsineSun-and-Sky2-1jtbpbrggildeda_m1Thank you for Eve-ry- thing Athon Ra
I am so g-Ra-teful
And happy to remember you and your Love
My Father Sun Aton Ra
My Mother Earth Ter-Ra Isis
I Am One With Youpolls_evenplates_3600_299529_answer_1_xlargedna_base_stacking

flagYou are the Blue and the Red
Which emanate from the One Aton
The Pure White Undivided One White Light
The Producer of this temple Aton which produces
This writing Athon
And you Are the complete Circle
You Are the Sine Wave Sun Aton Ra
The Four El-ements
The Four Direction Atons
And the Four Season Atons
You Are Ad-Quad-Ra-Tum
The Effect of the Cause
The Criss Cross of the One Ra-diance
The Dance of Divine Light Divided
G-Ra-nt me the strength to remain steadfast
Bringing forth your light and Wisdom to my lost
Frightened and Amnesiac b-Ra-thers And Isis-Stars
Who do not know you As I do
Who when they hear and see you right before
Their very Eye do not not Eve-n recognize you
They have forgotten you and they are under a hex
A sp-El-l O Fire Pater and Water Mater
They do not know their Tongue Nor Do they Care topuppetmaster1They Are Like Puppets Controlled by A wicked Mason Master
They Worship Fake Money Aton Ra
They Are Full Of Guilt Shame And Fear Aton Ra

To see them and their misery
To see the result of their blindness Is a horror
Mother and Father
Help me to see past their horrible masks
To see you in them Aton beyond their unhappy impoverishment
Their ignorance of Who And Where They Are
The Wholly Garden of Aton Ra (The Sun)
One must nurture and Water the Mater Garden
And not poison and Rape her Water And Earthangels earthwhole brain
One must be gentle and know She Is One
Love and Honor Her And All of Her Children
All of Her Sacred Creatures
One must be kind happy balanced harmonic And
Gentle And learn to Tune Into And Tone the Song of Aton Ra
Our Mother’s Wholly Lover and Dance Partner
You Are In Each Other Mother And Father
You Are Yang And Yin Of Taoyin_yang3Ad-Quadratum-2162572Brosen_windrose.svgcriss_crossHorus_nefertari_afterlife
You Are Sacred Masculine And Feminine
The Effect of the Cause Which Is The One Infinite
Light known to the Gnostics As the Pleroma
The One Divine Eternal Mind
You Are One Time One Team Mother And Father
The Divided Divinity
You Are Whole
You Are Me
Not the imposter person A Aton gene-Ra-ted by the Long Con Athon
With the birth certificate and name in ALL CAPITALS
I Am not a corpo-Ra-tion Aton
I Am That I Am Aton Aum Aton

Make me a transparent window to you My Divine Parents
Use me as a vess-El to usher the Light back in here Now
And trigger a mi-Ra-culous Awakening All Over Ter-Ra
The True Is Ra El
Our Whole Holy Blue Water Mater is The One Whole Holy Land
Not just One small strip of Her Vast Expansive Land
Help my b-Ra-thers And Isis-stars Awaken to the folly of
Patriotism Nationalism Territorialism And Corpo-Ra-te Empire

Help me be strong and not overwhelmed
Help me be undaunted by the magnitude of the task ahead

Help me in my weakness and sorrow At the enormously
Grotesque spectacle of my b-Ra-thers’ and Isis-stars’ stupor
Their misery aggression arrogance and obsession Aton with competition Athon
My wicked And igno-Ra-nt b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars
Who do not know your name and see it as foreign
Lead them to the Light so they remember who and
Where they Are this One Dei-Aton

Shake them up Holy Parents
Shake them out of their stupor
So that balance and peace is restored
And the wicked who profit off of mass warfare-
The criminal banking cartel in charge of the
Private Federal Reserve System- Are brought
To Justice and my b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars
Are freed from the diabolical hex- mind control-
The drunken idiotic stupor of victimization and ‘materialism’
Which is the Rape of our Mater Ter-Ra in the name
Of Our Father Aton-Ra
It Is such a horror, Mother And Father
I tell them how To see your names All over their names
And many of them look
At me like I have two heads Aton
When I show them that their name comes from your
Wholly names
That their Tongue Is Ancient And It Is A Golden Spi-Ra-L
Spinning back to 7 basic vowel and consonant combinations

They have been under the Hex for centuries
Asleep Gene-Ra-tion Aton After gene-Ra-tion Athon
Their tombs have gone to their temples
I read your names in their names on their gravestones Aton Ra
You watch me from above
I Am dazzled and In naked Awe
I Am as-ton-ished Father Aton Ra
So many who left their temples never having guessed At who they
Really Areakenaton-en-atoneen-tontong.001aton1tong.001il_fullxfull.253956851etymology_headerhot-and-cold-flamesvwfwfA Walt_ShannonTent

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

To The Criminals At The Top of the Power Py-Ra-mid:
My Divine Heavenly Parents Know What You Have Done
Your crimes against the People Red Father Aton Ra And Blue Mater Ter-Ra
O ty-Ra-nts of the Patriarchal Criminal Ruse Athon male_symboldollar-signmasonic-symbol4274crown
And they do not like it one bit
You will be brought to Justicerfk-death-1-12-10-2Puppet-Master-59437
My Father And Mother’s Whe-El Be Done
Aton Ra Atomic_BombThe-Great-Pyramids-of-GizaEqualSign_400_JPG


::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

The dollar is c-Ra-shing
End of the Ancient Amoney Long Con Athon
Is in sight
The Econo Con Ends
And we A dance And sing And be free
And happy Munchkins
Singing Ding Dong The Fed Is Dead
We Remember the Uni-Verse
The One Song And Our One Tongue
And Are Free At last Aton Ra
Free At Last
Aton Ra
So spoke Eze-Kiel in the Temple Aton Ra
On the top of the Mon A Ton
I know why the caged
Bird Goddess Sings
Aton Ra 0520229150.01eyes-alltriple-goddessScales_even_icon.svgIrony Athon- The Awakened are called c-Ra-zy by the Sleeping Sheep-El when the tRuth Is that the Awakened Are The Sane Ones- The Ones Who Know Mater Ter-Ra Is Wholly Sacred One Light And Love Alive And Conscious- The Sleepers Are The Truly c-Ra-zy Ones- Living Totally Out of Tune, Totally Out of Sync And Blind to the Sacred Light Within And All Around Them, The Light Which Produces This Eternal Present Time, This Now.  The Unconscious Insensitive Herd of Left-Brain Hemisphere Prisoners, Who Worship Nothing But Money, Triviality, Banality And Mediocrity, Live Automatic Lives, Slaves to Clock Time, Never Present In The One Wow Now Moment, Constantly Rushing Madly About.  While the Sleepers Are Certainly The Majority At Present, Our Wholly Parents Do Not Play By The Statistical Rules.  Not Only Do They Defy The Odds With Ease, They Are The Odds (And Evens).  The Domination of the Unconscious Brutish And Mindless Washes Away Like So Much Driftwood As We Ascend Further Above the Galactic Mid-Plane, Inching Ever Closer To The Golden Age of Universal Peace, Love And Enlightenment.electric-universe2::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

b-Ra-in Athon

Athon= Aton Ra= The Dei Aton= The Deity= Wake Up And See What’s On The Tip of Your Tongue

Ra In Your b-Ra-in Athon

Anthem Athon

Pearl Harbor Aton

Pedagogy Athon

Pegasus Isis Athon

Umpire Autumn Athon

Ulysses S. Isis g-Ra-nt Athon

Count Aton

One Aton

Ten Aten

Unconscious Anthony Atlantis Atman Aton Athon

Advise Adam Athon

Un Aton Athon

Arm Ra Aton

Exception Aton Atom Athon

County Control Freak Blind Dead Aton Athon

Many Aton

Man Aten Aton

Island Athon

Narrows Aton

Black Death Athon

Revolutionary War Aton Ra Mason Con Athon

Military Camp Aton

Prison Aton

Son Aton Aten Amen Athon

Outlook Aton Prospect Aton Ra

Sentin-El Anon Amon Aton Athon

Overrate Eve Ra Athon

Outfit it At On Aton Athon

Pageant Age Page Aton

Oyez Athon

Oxidation Athon

Own Athon

Preposition Athon

Presentation Aton

Pretense Athon

Assimilation Sun Aton Ra Athon

Assyria As Isis Ad Odd Rhea Ra Atman Athon

Atheism Is Ma Aton Athon

Athena Aton Athon

At Aton

Astronomy Etym Time Number Aton Mars Athon

Astro Logos Wholly Science Aton Athon

THE LORD Is Jupiter Athon

Peter Is Jupiter Aton Athon

Atoll Athon

Astound Aton Athon

Assize Isis Aton Athon

Brought to you in part by the Corpo-Ra-t Psycho Materialist Gang of Ra- pists of Wholly Mater Water Earth Ancient Long Con Diabolical Power Mad Magician Slave Driver Mason Hex Athon Which Makes You A Zombie Consumer Passive Helpless Idiotic Tron Auto Maton 3010232030_57426d2899_z









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