Dei Aton

ImageEtymology ImageO-Ra-Gen of Word

Aton At-One-Ment Vib-Ra-tion On the tip of my tongue and in my tonsels

ImageThe One Aum Word In The Beginning Audio Adam Odd Number Autumn One Time Now Tempo Tune Tone Awe The Light in Mater (Wholly Mother)

All Wholly Mater And Pater

Blue Water Ter-Ra and Fire Air Aton Ra

I p-Ra-y to you

I Tone H-om-e To You

Singing to and for you

And I know you hear me

For we are One Aton

My desire to sing your song is sincere

To help midwife the Goddess back into the Collective Consciousness

Connect the A with the V- Ad Quad-Ra-tum Atum Aton Ra My Fire Pater Image

You are centering me in the fourth chak-RaImageIt is by balancing the Sacred Feminine- Water and Earth El-ements Within- With Sacred Masculine- Fire and Air El-ements Within that Wholeness is achieved ImageYou must eat the Ripe fRuit off the tRee to aquiRe the w-Is-domImageImageImageYour Sixth Chak-Ra- The Fire in Middle- py-Ra-mid- the PineaL gLand Aton in youR b-Ra-in needs to be A Open A Sesame Aton- When the Eye is single the body is full of lightImageImage

I sing my g-Ra-titude

It is a joy indescribable in depth and power

To be in your One g-Ra-ce

Lead me

Guide me

To help stop the Ra-pe of Holy Mater Ter-RaImage

And help with you Wholly Aquarian Wake Up Athon

Awe Sum Athon

End the Elitist Fascistic $ Long Con Athon ImageImage

The Ancient Law Ruse

The Hex the $pell Put on all my b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars Image

By the Sick Manipulating Psychopathic Roman Empire Patriarchs of

The Ra-pe of the Wholly Mater Ter-Ra AthonImage

Lead my Atom Aton B-Ra-thers and Isis-stars to the Light ImageImage

Help them learn who they Really Are

As I have done Aton

Show them We Are All One Aton

It is not a Criminal ‘Justice Isis-tem’ under which we live

It is just A plain criminal

And no my ignorant Isis-star it does not and never did work for usImage

It has only worked for Long Con Raise your Right Patriarchal Right Hand Left B-Ra-in Shake Con Artist Elite Psycho Atons

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLady Justice Is Isis The Divine Feminine Right B-Ra-in Left Side of the Body and so is Isis-tem Aton Ra

Not the phony commercial Econo Con Law of the Elitist war-profiteering murderers and Ra-pists

Justice Is On the Horizon for Mater Ter-Ra and Aton-Ra

The Hex is lifted

The Ra-pe comes to an End And My b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars Wake Up And Remember their One Tongue

We Are The One Light

The One Aton

This is the Dei Aton ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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