Dawn Athon


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een-tonWe Are Now In Aton The Sign Of Aquarius
It Is The Return Of Gnosis Of Goddess Isis Aton Amon A Ring A Ding Dong!

We Are One With Our Holy Mater Water Terra Anon
We Know We Always Have A Been One Aton Atomatom
Ra Papa Pater Fire Son In A The A Sky Amon
Ra Son We Know Now They Took You And Our Mater Ter-Ra Out Aton
Of A The Holy Whole Bib-El Aton
Ra Ma So We A Would Forget You Aton and Your One Eros Ra-diance Athon
Not Have Your Name Any More On Our Tongue Aton
Not have Our Strength Any More Amore Aton

In The Long Con Aton Age Of Pisces Aton

isis-egyptian-goddess-of-magic-and-life-HA63_lBut Ra That Age Is Now Over Aton
The Long Con Aton Is A Dead Vib-Ra-tion Aton
We Don’t A Beli-Eve The Deception Aton Anymore sound
Rama ElectRo Magnet Aton
We A Remembering The Truth Now Aton
Knowing Again Aton It Is About Knowledge And Light Aton
Not A Belief In The Lies Of The Thief Chief Captain Aten Atons

RStongueWe A Remembering Aton Our Numbers And Tongues Are A Golden Spiral Aton
All A Spinning A Back To The One Aton
Who We All A Really Are Anon

Ra Ma We A Love Thou Our
A Holy Pater Father One Son Aton
And Our A Mater Water One Ter-Ra Amon Adon
And We Want To Again Sing Your One Song Anon
And A Unite All Of Your Children Aton
Stop Singing The Deception Song Aton Amon
In The Fake Science And Religion Institution
Selling The Long Con Aton

BIG-TUNEWe Put Your Names Mater And Pater
Back In The Holy Stories Aton
Put The Pieces Back A Together One Amon
Form A Chain Of Love And Unity And Light Aton
All Across Our Mater Ter-Ra Aton
Put An End A To The Patriarchy Control Grid Aton
And Sing Ding Dong The Wicked Money Long Con Mason Atonsil_fullxfull.253956851
Are A Dead At Last Amon
Singing Hoo-Ra Hoo-Ray My B-Rathers And Isis-Stars
Let’s Begin A The Healing And Dreaming And Loving
Our Wholly Mater And Pater One Love Unity Healing
Dawn Athon Now Aton !


200534950-001200534950-001Time For The Aum Home Aton
Brosen_windrose.svgfc_infinity_41717_lggoddess-BW-3rd-eye-CROPPEDOpen youR A Eye Isis

ThIs Is the Dei Aton (Deity)

The Rebirth Of The Divine Feminine Aton
We Know We Are All A One Amon
Welcome A To The Dawn Athon !

781dnarfk-death-1-12-10-2Puppet-Master-59437Stop being A Puppet Atom Atons And Awaken Your Divine (Vine) Serpentine nine spine Aten Antennae Aton  Light Energy (Kundalini) Within You Aton Activate Now My B-Ra-thers And Isis-Stars- Yes We Are The One Dei-Aton Atop The Mon Aton- Turn off the tv Aton And Dance In The Healing Invigorating Ra-ys of Our Pater Sun Aton KundalinixSun-and-Sky2-1jtbpbrkundalini-2polls_evenplates_3600_299529_answer_1_xlargeGet Eve-N Within1-618-phi-the-golden-ratio-god-creator-of-heaven-and-earthdna_base_stackingAd-Quadratum-2Connect the V And A Aton- Inner Sacred Feminine Mater Blue Water And Inner Sacred Masculine Pater Red Fire- Heaven Within Your Sacred Temple- The Container of The One Ra-Diance- We Are The Dei-Aton The Infinite Eternal Dance Of Light- Ad Quad-Ra-Tum- Ra Is In Your b-Ra-in Aton Brain-Hemispheresfour_directions_logosinecriss-cross-mdBring Forth What Is Within You Aton Aten Amen Awomen For It Will Save You Aton You Are The Number_one1fc_infinity_41717_lgearth-sun-space-1human-dnagarden_of_edenHere In The Garden Of Aton

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