Passion of Aton Athon

atonYou may A judge A me Aton

You many may think I get carried away Aten

You may A find me crazy Amen

But I know and see the light of A the big fat A truth Athon

RStonguetoneitemToneKnobEtym A One Athon A ton Atom One Tongue One Note I A sing from my A throat I A take off my coat on the boat Aton Amon Aron And sing and dance the One Song Athon

Atomic_BombA Mean MInd Men Aum Om Home rumi-quoteAmon Ason Autumn Item A Time An Eat A Sweet A treat And Sing And A dance on you A two Feet A tea A team A things Are A not A At All what they seem Aton Amon It’s A Great A Big Real A Dream Athonsperm_raceRa Is In Your B-Ra-in AthonCerebrum300px-Circle_arc.svgthrararRRRRRR7426raisincrying-rain-water-puddleGolden wheat growing in a farm field, closeup on earsHumanBody

A media B.S. Aton to dist-Ra-ct you A from the truth of who you really ARe AtonA headline Acon athon

An A crappy slap happy Justin Bebor Amon Aton Marathon on A VH1 Amen Amon

flag1280px-2000px-Pepsi_logoIsis-Hathorfc_infinity_41717_lgChakra1Christos is not A man Amon Aton Christos is A the Criss Cross of Light Aton Who We All Really Are Aten Aton abstract light oceanatomtong.001aton1tong.001The One A Blinding Eternal Light Aton of the Son Aton Isis in youR A Face All Over the Place Every Day= Dei Aton It’s a big word play Love Pun Aton on and by and for Aton the One Son Not A Lite-Ra-L Historical Aman Amon Yes it’s a metaphor Anon to lead you to Gnosis Aton

Light Is A The Producer Athon

Not A the Idiot Director Aten of the church and temple institution $ Amons Nor the MSNBC TNT CBS AT&T Fox News CNN BS Athon on the Run A Ton A c-Ra-p with A not Light A Just A lot A ton A mon O lies At the American Amon Anon Athon A The Bos A ton A Mar Athonetymology_headerhuman-dnagarden_of_eden200534950-0017

I have a Big A Real Dream Aton

I try to tell A truth of the Long Con Athon

To An Isis-ster=star A Girl With A Name Anen Amen Aten Aton That Her Beloved A Christian Faith Aton Is Egyptian in Origin A big A fat A lie Aton Just A like her Hera Here A American A System A Long Con Athon

That Jesus is an Astro theological literary hybrid Aton A Mata A swing A batta batta Athon Opiate of the Mass Athon

Yes A pure A Gnostic mythos Aton with name derived from Zeus Aton-cronus-and-rhea-573rheacronuscronos_rhea_and_zeus_by_emanpris-d5i1uwf503px-IngresJupiterAndThetiseen-ton4274crown7272088Charlotte Prepares For Democratic National Conventiongimage.phpjesus_and_mary_heartIsis_suckling_Horus

Je-Zeus- Jupiter Zeus Athon- A Roman re-telling and re-packaging Aton of the Greek A Son A Pater Aton And Mater Water Mother Aton from the Greek A Ma Rhea- Mary- And Zeus Athon- it’s an eternal A metaphor Aton about Terra Earth Aton and Sun Son Aton Athoncriss_cross

How I learn this A truth from my b-Ra-ther Santos Bonacci Aton it goes A back to the Egyptian Isis and Horus Aton and the whole church forced literal historical interpretation Aton of the Life of Jesus Is A major part of the Black Iron Prison Ancient Long Con Athon

History is A long con Athon to A keep you from understanding the metaphor Athon Upon Thereon So you A never Attain Aten The Light And A knowledge and A truth of who you Are Aton The One A Ra-diance Dance of Light Aton Your Pater Peter Fire Sun Aton And Your Mater Terra Gaia Earth Amon Your Eternal Divine A Parents Amon A Right And Here A now Aton Rama Rama Electromagnetic Magical Manifested Vibration Aton One Light Divine Divide Two Aton The Yin and Yang of Tao Atonil_fullxfull.253956851Cut-Out-Vinyl-Letter-A_largeyin_yang3fc_infinity_41717_lgBrosen_windrose.svgAd-Quadratum-2printable_number_10

They blind you so you won’t be your own A captain Aton Aten of your own A life and ship Amonthe smithscia

It’s an Ancient Deception Aton The Patriarchal Control Athon Still Played out to this Dei Aton by your American A Government Aton They don’t want to A know Aton It’s all right in your face Aton Amon In All A Your Egyptian English Tongue Aton Your Historical Architecture Aton Your Odd and Even Adam And Eve Numbers Aton You are the Odd God Aton It’s A just A like the Matrix Athon The Isis-tem Aton Anon Athon to turn you into a battery Aton An Autom Aton A Machine Aton A Soldier Aton A Slave Aton A knave Aton A business Aton A passive consuming afraid Aton Who Can’t form A your own opinion Amon Just regurgitate All the false plastic glitzy celeb A gossip Athon And feel inferior about A your self Aton Never Stand A tall in your A power Athon Aton Confident A knowing A who you Really Are Aton They want you to keep A buying their lie Aton just be another zombie sheep Aton on A Maggie’s exploitation farm Aton Aten Amen

3010232030_57426d2899_zThis A Great Seal Is A picture of you Aten Aton The One Eternal Light Aton You see I A see the metaphor Upon I know how to read A the storied Aton and A go A right to A Satori Aton for I Am that I Am Aton No A the A Batman Aton No A fat man with a fake a tan Aton but the Real Dream Aten Aton Amon A bon A Pan Aton A One Light And Love Vibration Aton I A see A right through the lies Aton At the One Big Global media B.S. Government A shut down Athon We Can A Take A care of ourselves and each other Aton We Don’t need a stinking 1984 Big Brother Athon Their pre-packaged c-Ra-p Long Ancient Ruse A Long Con Athon

Well the girl I told the truth to Aton
I a the Real A dream Aton

She seemed to be A getting Sick Aton

And she A stood up Aton

I saw to my horror Aton Aten Anen And then

Her A Isis Eyes were sewn shut Aton Amon

It was A real A fright in the Light Aton

She had never seen Isis Sea Aton

I could smell her Thoth thought Aton A was A rotten Aten

With A false control belief Aton

She go A through cognitive dissonance Amon

And then A startled I Awakened from the dream Aton

A you don’t A have to believe me of course Aton

When I tell you it all goes back to the Egyptian Aton Amons

That you should hear my b-Ra-ther Santos tell it Aton

How there is One Original Religion Which Is the Eternal Science of Light Perennial Philosophy Aton

The Religion of the Great Mother Wisdom Isis Aton Amon

That flourished in Ancient Egyptian Amon Anon and All Over Europe Aton

And beyond Anon and on and on All over our Holy Mater Water Aton and here in North America Aton

A people were happy and healthy Aton And did not A make A war Aton

They were A not A sick idiot Aton they knew we Are All One Aton

hopiisis-egyptian-goddess-of-magic-and-life-HA63_lBIG-TUNEatonnnnbusiness turning back timeREX00NB24THIRD-EYE-CHAKRA.gifzia-black-and-white.jpgangels earthheart chakraI don’t want you to believe Aton nor take my word for it Aten

You will wake up too when you’re ready Amon

And A cross A the A Rubicon for yourself Aten

And see A the Eternal One Etym A Time Autumn Atman Adam Aton Athon

A for A your A self Aton

assassinationDedicated to B-Ra-ther JFK Aton Who Fifty Years Ago Amon Who was shot Aton out of His Temple Aton For Attempting to Expose the Long Con Athon

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