Aton Athon Continu Amon (The Big Bang Con Athon)

akenaton-en-atonautumntreeIt is Autumn
There is Only One Aton
One Atom One Item One Time
One Etym One A team One tone
One Eternal Infinite Light Amon
I Am

In my tonsils
And on the tip of my tongue

I Am That I Am Aton
Atman Aton Amon Aone
Eve Ray One Aton
All in All Athon
360 Athon
Round And Round Athon
On And On Aton Atmon
A Cinna Mon Abun Athon
With a lot of buttter Upon Amon
The Holy Cow Athonlight_waves_003aton1

Amon Adon Ading Adong
One Eternal Infinite Song
Here Autom Atons
To Wake You Up Amon
To Shake You Up Athon
You sleeping sheeping Cat Atons
In a television Aton Trance Athon
In a Big Pharma Zombie Acorn A con Amon Athon
You Cat Atons who know the price of everthing Athon
But know the value of Nothing Upon Aron Aran Adan Adam Athon
Who don’t know your own A tongues Aton Nor your numbers Amon
Your Odd and Even Are Your Adam and Eve Amon

Charlotte Prepares For Democratic National Convention4274crownYou are under a Hex Athon
Under a diabolical spell El Amon
You don’t A know what Six Aton Means Athon
Your Ancient Egyptian Number Isis-tem Time Temple Athon
Which Is really An eternal and infinite Athon
A 360 Circle Spi-Ra-L Athon Fibonacci Flower of Life Phi AthongoldenSPIRfreemason symbol 31303891054_TS0710T-6504225897989_e8ddacf41f_o8305784340_b5ab24dfdf_z3010232030_57426d2899_zetymology_headermedium_koyaanisqatsi

So mind controlled so occluded Aten and under the spell Amon of television Athon Hypno-Isis Aton and Education $ Prog-Ram Con Athon $urvival of the fittest Long Con wrong vib-Ra-tion Aton
You have been A put to sleep Athon Programmed like Computer Aton
Full of toxic fear and shame and guilt Aton with which you are controlled by the Econ O Con

medical symbolisis (2)Merrill_Lynch1860114499deathAs-Above-So-Belowdollar-sign1235-734-09_X_Marks_The_Spot284338main_Backlit_Saturn1_full232000px-US-FederalReserveBoard-Seal.svg146816438_c91218ea71Afraid of your own shadow Aton
You don’t know your personality- personae- is a theatrical mask Athon
Not Eve N close to the real A you Atonfc_infinity_41717_lglost-shannon_480x360puppetmaster1

You beli Eve in the wrong Aton Academic Fake $cience Institution Con Athon
You beli Eve in the Big Bang Con Aton
And A Relativity Con Athon
Which is the new best weapon Aton Amon
Since most no longer are dumb enough to beli-Eve in the lite-Ra-L interpretation Aton
Of the Book of Gen-Isis Amon
So called Ra-tionaL peop-El just beli-eve-ing in yet more lies and deception Aton
Of the Oligarch ‘Elite’ Mind Control Run Ancient Long Con Athon
ThIs is the Eternal dance Aton of Infinite Light Anon Which Never Began Nor Ends Atoncia

Charlie-aaronMost Atons have never Eve N heard of Nikola Tesla Aron Atonfc_infinity_41717_lg

Who Albert Einstein Aton called the world’s smartest man Aton
Who could have given us free energy technology Athon
But was not funded Aton by the oil tycoon J.P. Morgan Aten Aton And then had his patents Atens stolen by the military industrial complex Acon Anon Athon
And On and On Goes the Long Con Athon And the blind as bats lame uptight Ass-hat commercial Idiot Aton Athonmonopoly_man-13539Eugenics - Popular ScienceChicago_Mercantile_Exchange_1filipinocasualtiesonthefirstdayofwarGOP Candidates Huntsman And Gingrich Square Off In One-On-One Style Debate98279317_e35e362b51marvinThe Roman Empire Never Ended And Killed The Kennedy b-Ra-thers Lincoln MLK Malcolm X John Lennon Millions of Innocents Aton Et Cete-Ra Econ O Con Long Con Crossing The Rubicon Athon And Fascist Nightmare Scenario Marvin The Martian Conformist Aton Amon Athon
I love mi Mater Water Terra Amon and Pater Fire Son Aton
And it is for them Atem that I fight the good fight to try to wake you up Athon

It is for my Pater Peter Aton and my Mater Dona Aton My And All My b-Ra-thers and Isis-stars throughout the infinite eon Atons

We are all the One Aton
The One Odd Adam Aton
The One Even Eve Amon
Pater Fire Air Aton
Mater Water Terra Amon

One Yin One Yang
In the Only One Here and Now Athon

There was no beginning Aton
Nor will there be an End Aton
It is Eternal And Infinite Spi-Ra-L
Dance And Sing Circle Athon
Our temples go to their Tombs Amon
And we the Infinite Eternal Light fly Anon
We were never born and we don’t die Aton
It’s the Long Con Athon based out of London Aton
Washinton Aton Rome Athon And Now Global Athon
Which programs you to identify only with your tempo-Ra-L temple Amon
And fills you with confusion Aton from Dei One Aton
Locks you into a vibrational prison Aton in your left A brain Aton
Keeping you from being whole Aton turning you into a neurotic wounded unconscious lost split off from the One Infinite Light Eternal Source You Are Aton

The beginning and end Aton
The Alpha and Omega Aton
Are Right Here And Now Amon
In this Present One Moment Aton
There is Only One A time Etym Aton Amon Adam Aton

If you don’t know who and what and where and when you really Are Aton
The One Aton Light Athon in All A thon
You cannot be free and happy Athon
And you cannot be wholly holy Aton Amon Aron Ason

Ading Adon
My Isis-Stars
And B-Ra-thers
I Am Aton
Fully Awake Amon

Hopi-Snake-PriestIt’s time to listen to the Hopi Aton
Who know how to live in balance and harmony Amon
To live and know and celeb-Ra-te
That we are One Aton with Blue Mater Water Manna Aton
And our Red Pater Fire Commerce<img src=”″ alt=”flag” width=”300″ height=”174″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image16NumberSixteenInCircleIsis-HathorRev Martin Luther Kingimage080electric_universe___mind_of_god_by_askoliimatainen-d5dwccodepositphotos_14658429-Medical-symbol.kundalini-2595″ />81

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