The Whole Holy Picture

You Are The One Aton Atman Adam Atom Autumn Item Time Tongue Mon Ton Tone Aum Adam And Eve Odd And Even Home Now
Not Someone Or Something Else Aton
Like The Sinister Atons and Money Monster Amons Have Cleverly Con-ditioned You To Believe At The Long Con Athon
The Ancient Mar Athon Tel E Thon Brought To You By Poison Tonic Athon
They Have Deliberately Altered And Manipulated Your History Your Whole Holy Stories Aton Amon
Here’s The Whole Holy Picture For You My B-Ra-thers and Isis-Stars
The Real ‘Lord’s Prayer’ Aton The Real Whole Holy Word In The Beginning Aton
The Word Is In The Beginning Now Eternally And Infinitely
It Is Our Pater Fire Aton (Father Sun) Who Art In Heaven
AND Our Mater Water Isis (Eyes See Seas) Amon Terra (Mother Earth) Who Also Art In Heaven (The Heavens, Where We ARE Aton At One Athon)akenaton-en-aton

Stop Editing Out Our Holy Mater! Join The Wake Up There’s Only One Aton Atom A Tongue A Team Time Autumn Etym Odd Autumn Aum Home Adam Eve Ray Where Athon! See The Eternal One Light You Are Shining Bright All Through Eve Ray Night! Don’t Take My Word For It… See For Yourself! OuR Mater And Pater Are Calling Us! We Are One Aton! Stop Falling For the Long Con Athon! Stop Letting The Mad Atons At The Top Of the Isis-Tem Amon Divide And Conquer Us Along Amon Political, Racial, National And Eve Ray Conci EVE able Line Aton! Come Together Aton Right Now Amon Over Me Athon! (The011-adam-and-eve-theredlistisisthoth1Old-World-map-1689jesus_and_mary_heartIsis_suckling_Horusatonicwallpaper-984174Pepsi_globe.croppeddnabrain-hemispheres-comparationEarth_and_Sun10073390_24hoursil_fullxfull.253956851apollo_program_insignia3010232030_57426d2899_zappleScales_even_icon.svgfc_infinity_41717_lgcriss-cross-mdyin_yang33407-light-waves-1920x1200-abstract-wallpaperChakra1

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