Long Con Athon

etymology_headerOnce Upon A Time Etym
Adam Atom Atman Autumn Aum
On the tip of my tongue Aton

You feel it in your bones Anon
Your written recorded History Aton
Is nothing more than a Long Con Athon
Ancient and older than old Anon
Amon Aton Aron Ason Asign Adon Ading Adong
It is centered out of Rome Aton London Amon
Washington Aton New York City Amon
Extending Eve N to Boston Aton
All the way to LA Aton
All around the globe Athon Amon
And of course don’t forget Jerusalem Aten Amen
Amon Amoon Aloony Toon A magic Rune A Daniel Boone

masonic-symbolI tell A you the truth Aton
It all spins back to the one Aton Amon
The Econo Con Men at the Top Aton
The Captain Atens don’t want you to know Aton
To see the clear a truth Upon Anon
3010232030_57426d2899_zThat you and All your relations
Are the One Aton Anon
Though your temples go to their tombs Atime A Timmy Atom
You Are the One Infinite Light Amon
All there was is and shall be Aton
The Eternal Infinite One Aton
A One White Undivided Divine Light Amon

They sell you a big fat A lie Aton
A Superman Crypton Adon
They A control all of the religion Aton
They feed you false interpretation Amon
Of all of your A stories Aton
Make you take em all a literally Amongimage.php4274crown011-adam-and-eve-theredlist
So you don’t A comprehend A metaphor Thereupon Anon
So you don’t even know where your tongue A come A from Amon
So you don’t know you are the One I Am Adam Etym A Dream A Team Aton

akenaton-en-atonmason4274crowndollar-signThe Titans Aton of Business Amon
The Corporate Atons sick control freak Amons
It’s nothing more than an elaborate Long Con Athon
Going all the way back to ancient Egypt Aton

4274crown3010232030_57426d2899_zWhich is why on your Great A Seal Aton
Is not the statue Aton of Lincoln Amon
But the Great A Pyramid Amon with the Eye of Horus atop Aton
I a tell a you a the truth Aton
I tell it from my throat Abon
I drink a tea with cinnamon Aton Amon
That Great Seal is a picture of you Aton
The One A Ra Diance Amon
Every Afternoon Aton
Every Dei Aton
You are the Real One Dei Aton
Here in the Garden of Aton

een-tonIt’s A Time to wake up Aton wallpaper-984174jesus_and_mary_heartcronus-and-rhea-573Isis_suckling_Horuscrosswalk-lg
Our Mater Terra and Pater Son Aton
Are calling us back h-om-e Aton
The h-om-e we never left Amon

guy_de_rothschild_est_mort_referenceapollo-creedCharlotte Prepares For Democratic National ConventionGeorge-W.-Busha sawyer atonIt’s time to stand up Aton
Be Iron like Lion in Zion Upon Anon
And stop a believing the lies Amon
A Cross A The A Rubicon Athon
And no longer fall for the Long Con Athon

akenaton-en-atonHorus_nefertari_afterlifehot-and-cold-flamesvwfwfSo let’s sing and dance around the fire bon Aton
On our feet to the beat of drum Aton
Let’s climb to the top of the Mon A Ton Aton
Let’s finally embrace and celeb-Ra-te who we really ARe Aton
The Eternal One Ra Diance Amon Anon Athon fc_infinity_41717_lgaton1A Cooper And locke athon

A Walt_ShannonTent
Let’s take back the power they stole Aton
Let’s make the Long Con A Long Gone Aton
Let’s make love and sing and dance Amon
We A don’t need A their A Government Aton
We can Love and A Take Care of Each Other Amon
For we Are All One the One Aton Athon Amon
Asing Aron Amon Adon Aton
Ading Adong
7272088cash register synchronicities

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