Did I Mention The Aton Athon?

etymology_headerI was born in the year of the dragon Aton
I am the fire in the air Aton
And the Earth and Water Aten Aton
I am Aum Aton Amen Anon
The Spirit of ’76 Aton

aton1I am here to assist Isis Amon
In the Great Purification Aton
I am here to help awaken Aton Amon and Aaron Athon

All in All in the Aton Athon Amon Anon

I am here to help end the Econ o con Aton
I am here to sing the universal vibration El song of light I am Aton Amon
Every day and night Amon taking a stand for what’s right Aton
Not uptight in my boxer shorts Aton And not involved in sinister plots and violent riots Aten Amon

Chakra1The Son of my Red Father Son Aton and Blue Mother Terra Amon
To let it be known on and on and again and again Aton
The two to Tao Aten Amen Awomen Ascend Athon
The we do not break we bend Athon
There is only one Atom Etym Aton Amon
All are one in the Aton Athon

Then there’s the Ethyl Merman Athon
And the Dean Martin Aton
The Howard Zinn Aton
The Temple of Solomon Aton

wallpaper-984174The one and only Iron Lion Zion Athon
The Rasta farian in Lebanon Athon
Amon amon I bang a gong at the
Come one and all Aton Athon
Hear Isis on my tongue Aton
The overtone enchanted tone home song Amon

tong.001Hear a ton of Aten tens of times Amon
Bring some nut butter and make king tut’s flufanutter Aton
O won’t you attend the Aton Athon Amon
Aron if you will bring A Len And Ellen And Jethro Along
The Wheel Is The Will At the Atman Aton Adam Autumn Item Aton Athon
Love is universal and unconditional and openly given at the Venus Among Us Amoon Amon Aeon Amon Aton Athon

atomabstract light oceanWe’re here to heal at the Aten Aton Adam Etym A time Athon
We’re here to get along and take care of one another at the Tune At nine A dine A feeling fine Athon
Dance and sing a ring a ding dong Aton Abon Amon Akron Athon
It’s the Lexicon Crossing the Rubicon Metatron Ad Quadra tum tempo Odd and Even Lovin Deluxe Luxor eliksir of Amon Athon

akenaton-en-atonyin_yang3fc_infinity_41717_lgInfinite and Eternal Athon Aton a ting a tink atine Aton Amon A kind a find a mind Aton A What And Why And when Athon All you can ask for
Aten Aton
Athonflagitemtonejesus_tomb270309_01tomatoes on vineflageye-care-1Brainhemispheres1O and how could Eye forget the Audubon Athon ?  Amon Anon and on and on …

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