John Athon

hopi3010232030_57426d2899_zatonnnnThen it was time

Tim Tome Tom
For the John Athon
At the Aton Athon

Venus Athon
Penis Athon
Penitent Aton Amon in Maine
Meandering on and on and on
Winding in and out at the Aton Athon

The clock tick tock
Aton Around A hound
Aten Atwo Ame Aim At You

A Sue Athon
A clean your tongs and your tongues
Aten Aton with Paul Tsongas Athon
At the Athon Aton

The Levi Athon
Wearing Levis Aten
Enter the mean mind men
Aton and on and dream Aton

Impregnate Athon
Nation Aton
Penal Colony Athon
At the Penile Penne Penny
Pen and Teller Athon

Crome dome Athon
When in Rome Aton
Handshake take a break Aten
A four tone groan moan
At the Aton Athon

Stick together Bill and Heather
Do not lose your mom
At the Atom Athon

Amon anon run on sentence anon
At the winding river Aplomb Athon
Athol Aton A crawl Aton A stall
A ball a mall a kid in the hall at
The Aton Athon

A million Athon
A zillion Athon
An Ab Ra Cadab Ra Cadbury Egg Cadaver
Cobra Athon
At the Amon Athon

Amon found a wand and a tonker
Truck tike rode his bike all night
All beaming their bright light
At the Amon Athon

A laser a taser a meezer a mizer
A phony walky talky while watching Rocky
With only one clean socky sockey salmon
All white and feeling not quite right
Everyone at the Aton Athon

On and on and on and on
Amon a ring a ding dong
At the Texas Hold em Hong Kong
King Kong Aton Athon

A team a meme a seem a lem on
Lemur a beamer benz and a bentley’s
Best friends licking their pops at the
Neon Bong Aton Amon Athon

Aton Amon Along Alone All one
Come one come all to the Shining
Endiving aliving a dying a dancing Atom Adam
Aton Athon
It just goes on and on whether you’re in or out

Eat eight corn dogs and drop some deuces
Drinking Apple juices and dropping dress sizes
Letting it loose at the almighty alrighty Aton Amon Athon

A zebra a Libra a Pisces with rices and Dion and Isis
Everyone gets it on at the Aton Athon
Connie Rices not nices and Moses and Mices
A tin man a tiny Tim a take it or leave it
At the One and Only Holy Cannoli Aton Athon

Chris is Aton
Cross is Amon
You just can’t stop the Aton Athon
A rattle a tattle another Atlatl
A tisket a tasket a baby in a basket
At the Tim Allen Jimmy Fallon
Alien Aton Athon

All in at the Aton Athon
Get a free merkin from Meineke
At the fantabulous cran-apple-est
Holy Crapple Fest Scrabble Mess Aton Athon

Tempt Athon
Tome tame your lame dame Athon

It’s not just another God Aton
It’s not what you thought Amon
Anon an eight A nine all night
A what in tarnation teen Athon

Rat tat tat tit it item Autumn again
And again on and on Amon Athon

A Satanic Saturnian take your turnian Athon

A tunic Aton with lunatics Amon
An air brush hair brush Rushmore Russian Doll Athon
Mount Aton Meat Athon Smoke your Bronco Bong
At the Aton Athon

A mean a mine a men Amon
Everyone gets real crazy at the
On and on a dream a wand a winding
A finding and flying and drying Amon
Amoon yet another magic Rune
Aton a ting a tong a clinging on Aton Athon

For now I must enter the exit again
And leave Eve at the Odd Athon

Sean Connery Athon
George Cloony Mooney Money
Andy Rooney Athon

And wait yet another Boston
Mar Athon Aton Amon Amoon
A loon a croon a crone alone and unknown
Soaring solitaire at the Come Along
Aton Athonfc_infinity_41717_lgaton1aton

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