Interlude Aton

I don’t mean to intrude AtonRStongueA tongue Athon

At the sing along

Aton Athon

A ton o moose Aton Athon

A crude allude good mood Athon

You sing your song

And then you’re gone And on and on

A cringe Athon Everyone at the Aton Athon

A Tony Aton A Tiger Amon

I could keep on going forever There is no end in sight that’s right

A pity you can’t stay  At the Aton Athon

Dancing and scheming and beaming and seeming Dreaming and meme-ing and careening a teeing

thoth1Off at the Aton Athon On the tip of your tongue

Is the One Onion If only you knew

A thought Aton A Thoth Aton A thong Aton at the Amon Athon

How lovely are you At the Amon Aton

Interlude A food Athon Three stooges and douches Aton Athon

A Dude Quaalude Collude Athon The Stock Market Crash and Trash Athon

The Kings And Queens of Wrong Aton Amon amoon amore Aton

You’re the One Ten Tons of Fun Athon

Dancing in the light of the Sun Atonatonleft-brain-right-brainapollo_program_insigniaApollo Astronaut Athon at the one and only Atom Athon

A Hit and Run A Gun Adam Athon Everyone is Odd Athon

Even Steven Amon Aton A tone a temple a Tin Aten Aton

The Om My Aum My God Athon The Ring a Thing a Sing Adding Machine Athon

On and on we dream on at the one and only Amon Amoon Amen Athonil_fullxfull.253956851

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