Idiot Athon

akenaton-en-atonO no
It’s the Idiot

They brought along
Their drought Amon
They draft and laugh
At Aton

For they don’t get it yet Anon

Beli Eve ing and Dec Eve ing Aten isis-egyptian-goddess-of-magic-and-life-HA63_lThey don’t see Isis

They don’t know their country and tongues Aton are Egyptian in origin 3010232030_57426d2899_zTheir brains and hearts are mush Aton

They’ve never tasted kush Aron

And they spit upon the mushroom Amon

But still we’re All One
The Shining Sun
The Dei Aton

Aton Athon

They stole your bowl
And threw it in a hole
They sought the plague
And burned your map
While you smeared the pap and took a napdollar-sign

But nonetheless the Aton Athon goes on
The divine light still divides all night
And Yes

Still It’s Alright Aton

Here you can relax and have no fear

Here you can listen to Isis and not hear their jeers

Just keep truckin’ and singin’ along Aton

At the one and only Wholly Moly Holly Honey Funny Sunny Monopoly Money Odd God Zod Cod Sugar and Spice and Eve Ry Thing Nice With Rice and No lice Isis and Pisces and High Seas and Fa Krine Out Loud Crises Vernal Summer Sumer Fort Sumpter Assumption In debt Ident ity Govern Mental Shutdown Aton Amon Aron A Ton of Tone of Tongues and Sons Wontons Tomatoes and Sacks of Potatoes Dream On Adam Athon23

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