Attention Athon

atomAtomic Aton
Abraham Amon Aton
And on and on
Attention Athon
American Moron
Nine Aton
Ten Aton
Ion Aton
And on and on

Odd Aton

Eve Amon

Everyone at

The Aton Athon

On your lawn Athon
A Mon Amon
A cinnamon
A bun Aton
Lent Aton
Rent Aton
Ration Athon
Radiate Aton
Elect Aton
A team Aton
A theme dream
Scheme Athon

A pawn Athon
Anon Amon
A kit a cat a tat

Anthony Athon
A Sea A Son
A Lion Athon
A Bacon Athon
A creating and making
Not Faking Athon
And on and on and then
You’re gone
You were not taught to sing
This song

A Ben Aton
Amend Amon
And on and on
I sing my song
I drink my drink
And stink Aton
A clickety clack
A crack Athon
A Cheech and Chong
A Cat Aton
Tonic Athon
And then you’re gone
A one and done
A ton Athon

A beat a drum
In your kitchen Athon
A toon A rune
A boon A men Athon

A Lincoln Athon
A Juan Along
Akron and Amon At Once
Upon a time a rhyme
A crime A seasaw on
Aton Athon

I ron Athon
A run A gun
A kin A tin A bin
All along
Attendant on
The Aton Athon
Where you won
Your Gong Show Aton

Aten Aren t you glad Athon
To know the light that shines upon
Aton and on and on A ron
Your fawn Ashton Kutcher Athon

One two three Athon
Four five six and on and on
A nine fine Rhine Athon
Amon and on a conti Non
A none Athon
A don Aton
A dome a tome a temple upon

The Philosopher’s Stone Aton Anon
What you can depend upon
Ascend Athon
Two time Aton
A mink A fink a link Aton

A friend Athon
A Rent A Bong
A Ding A Dong
A Sing A Long
Athon Aton
London A gun Again
A Boston Mar Aton

Another Aton
Again Athon
A mint a flint a tint Amon

Cincinnati Aton
A Cinnabon
A Bon Pain Aton
A mighty meager
Hen Amon
Then A dawn Aton Athon
A ken A kin A Pump Aron

You went to lent in a tent Athon
A ten times ten
A hundred Amon
A twine a wine a sine Athon

If you can’t go on with
The Aton Athon
Just sing along and then
You’re gone
Just dream along with Ron Aton
Tem Tim Time Amon

And on and on
Goes the Aton Athon
Amon a moon Amen

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