Etym-ology= Aton-ology

This is the Word Atonakenaton-en-atonEtymaton.gifatomAtom011-adam-and-eve-theredlistAdamAtomic_Bombeen-tonOne Tonetymology_headerits-autumn-wallpapers_20240_2560x1600AutumnartemisArtemisLuxor_Temple_R04TempletempoTempo- TimeToneKnobToneaton1Aton Is One

Aton=Ad & Add

Aton= Odd Number- Sacred Masculine- Left Brain- Electricity
Aton= Bod-y
Aton= God
Aton= Ten
Aton= At & On
104temperatureTemperature Ad-Quadratum-2atonnatonnnnRa- Son- Aton- Light atonofsunautumnalequinoxThe Wheel= The Will
This is perennial philosophy
No one invented it
No one owns it
All is Sacred Number
All is produced by undivided
Eternal Light
Open your eyes
And see it
aton3010232030_57426d2899_zefc1_pair_of_giant_googly_eyesAdam Adam_and_Eve_c1538_PragueA Team
An item
Today and Tomorrow
Dei= Day
Gad= God

God is the undivided
One Eternal Light- El-
Whiter than white
Brighter than bright
a-sunatonementAt One Ment 79138140brain-1Use your whole b-Ra-in 750px-OH-108_svg(1)We can trust intuition Aton divideDivide= Divine dark-divineMother Terra Is Divine 9_dI am200534950-001

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