C.R.S. (Cash Regista Synchronicity) 9/25/2013

15-fifteen(Note: I have ceased writing down eve-ry Cash Register Synchronicity I notice, after 8+ consecutive years of writing down eve-ry one, dating back to 2005. I stopped as of about a moon ago now, due to the fact that I started noticing so many that almost eve-ray t-Ra-nsaction was a C.R.S. One day there was 91 in one shift. I realized it was just getting to be preposterous. I still notice them and sometimes show them to the customer, if they seem nice and like they might be interested in seeing the numerical synchronicity. And the past two shifts, after going a month without writing down any, I have decided to record a few and share them here. I will say this: I have got the message and meaning of the phenomenon- and Numerology, the Philosophy of Numbers- loud and clear. Perhaps others will follow suit. As Pythagoras said, All Is Number. Yes, All. And Number is Sacred. That’s All Folks. 😉

Happy Birthday to my friend with the first name ending in Ra. I hope you read this. I am g-Ra-teful for meeting you, sister (Isis-star). 🙂

1. 4:04 pm- $77.66- 15 items- Reference #: 90(77)13- Invoice#: 2(706)

2. 5:02 pm- $20.15- 15 items

3. 5:47 pm- $36.74- 11 items

4. 7:40 pm- 40 items

5. 8:03 pm- $130.13- 33 items

6. 8:11 pm- $55.10- 20 items 16NumberSixteenInCircle

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