This Just In

News Flash
We interrupt your
Regularly scheduled
Dosage of Sunday
Hypnotic Televised
State of the Art
High Definition
To bring you the following
From the Emergency
Dreamcast Network the tao

All your dRAma dRAma
All your narRAtives
All your mythologies
All your Lords of Saturn’s
All your stoRies
ARE about you
Yes you
It IS indeed all about
And the hundred billion
Dollar question
What will you do?
Will you learn to be you?
Or will you keep hiding
Behind that silly thin
Will you continue to RAise
The walls?
Or will you be the one to
Knock them down?
Will you continue to
Worship money?
Power? Fame and fortune?
Will you continue to pour
Your tRUst into the tRAsh
Society, the disposable dhARma?
Or will you wake up, smell the coffee
Hear the alARm and RemembeR that
This heRe MotheR EaRth and youR
VeRy Bodies
Your Vehicles
Of ExpRession
On this youR Cosmic
ARE SacRed, Divine, Ripening
On the vine?
Will you open up
Or Remain RepRessed
And DepRessed And OppRessed
And all kinds of pRessed?
Will you learn how to undeRstand
Allegory, metaphor, the language
Of Symbolism?
OR will you Remain tRApped in
Rigid liteRal inteRpRetation?
YouR choice
It is up to you
Victim oR VictoRblack smoke monstersacred unionvenn diagram2011-11-23 16-03-24.365

We now return to
Your Regularly
Scheduled Corporate
cRApearth-sun-space-1sacred union 2

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