War of the Sexes

the taotriple goddessouroborosWar of the Sexes
War of the Races
War of the Religions
War on Drugs
War on Cancer

Nation vs. Nation

Rich vs. Poor

Religion vs. Science

Left vs. Right

Self vs. Other

Subjective vs. Objective

War IS Cancer
War IS the result
Of not knowing
And not understanding
And it is a means of generating
Revenue for the reviled reverends

Who rule us by dividing and conquering us

Reality check time:

The two parts of the Dyad
Yin and Yang
Adam and Eve
Sacred Masculine and
Sacred Feminine
Left Brain and Right Brain
Together form a Greater Whole
The Divine Dyad
The Two Who Are One
Here in Mother Earth
Not only in the hereafter
The Heavens is the Place
We live Now
This is a Cosmic Journey

Satan is Saturn
Yes the Planet
Planets are Living Beings

There is no such thing as
Your silly cartoon Devil or
Eternal Damnation
The only ‘Hell’ is in the
War you are waging on
Yourself and Your Holy
Mother Earth
‘Hell’ is your ignorance
And inner impoverishment
Your lack of light
Your confusion
Your amnesia
The result of forgetting that
You are the Divine

Earth is Sacred

Astrology and Numerology
Are Sacred Science

The Seven Orbs
The Seven Days of the Week
The Seven Chakras

There is One Original Religion
And it is Science
The Holy Science
Isis Ra

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