Isis is Eve
Eve is Isis


Isis is all there is
To it
Two it

Two Four Six Eight
Eve is even
Adam is odd

Eve invigorates the vagabond
Eve is every individual
As is Isis

Every Ven Diagram is Eve
Even in Spondylitis is Isis
In every maneuver
Ra is in Eve
Eve is in Ra
and Isis
Even in triviality
Even in your voluptuousness
Is Isis

In every region
Every Sea Son
In all the vinegar
In all the viscous
Isis is you Jessica
Even in the the devil
Even in psychosis
Is Isis
In all your vernacular
Every endeavor
Adam is odd
Ra is for real
And so is El

When you take out the trash
Be careful not to touch anything
That will give you a rash

Eve is in your giving
Eve is in Isis
Isis is in Eve
Evenly distributed
Every severe condition
From which you recover

Every vanilla valley
All the Visine
Eve is in Isis
Even in the voyeur
Even in the pervert
Standing in the vestibule

Isis is in
You Kristen
In you too Lisa
And Cissy

In all your evaluations
In all your vagabonding
In every beaver’s development

In you too Vanessa
Is Isis and Eve

At every Rave
Is Ra in Eve
And Eve in Isis
And Ma
In all the matters
And affairs

In every crush
In every rush
In every Russian
Is Christ
Your very consciousness
Even every mess
Even in the ugly critic’s
Mashing Bashing and Trashing
Is Ma Isis Eve Ra

On the vine
In all your innovations
And inventions

In every Avatar
Ra and Eve
In every cavern
Every rhyme and rhythm

Every time you sit
When you display your wit
When you vibrate your clit
Take a shit
Put on your oven mit
Tickle your tit
Ratta tat tat on the mat
In your hat
With your cat
Ma Ra

Even in vile is Eve
Rosie the Riveter
The Rover
Every cove
Is Eve in Ra
Even in your rival
All that is vile
Every virus
Every time you wave
And wash with water
Adam is odd
Eve is even

Isis is your very existence
Avalokiteshvara is here
The Avatar

Even when you subsist
Persist resist
Is Isis
In Dover
And Andover
Is Eve
Adam I am
Addition and subtraction
Is Ra
El is creator

Where you drove
Is Eve
Even when you dove in
All over the place
Right in your face
Under your nose
In the rubber hose
Is Ra

Even in your blister
Is Isis
Christ is here
Even in the twister
In every price of rice
Even in the prince and princess
Is Ra and Isis

In every friend
And rival
Ma Ra
Ba king in the oven
Ma king Ma
Ma is massive
The whole material world
Womb Tomb Boom

Even in your whiskers
In your spine
Is Isis in Ra
Ra is in

In the SS
Every move Is Eve

Ra is in every orangutan
In every country
Above and below
Odd and even
Adam and Eve
Add me
I am odd

Even in Uncle Sinister
Is Eve
Even in your anus
Is Isis
Ra is for real
So is El
Solo solitaire solstice

Ra is in Isis
Isis is in Ra
El is all over
In every tunnel
Every time your travel
Elohim Ellen

En is in Ra too
In every entrance
In your encephalopathy

I Ra
I know
I grow
I show you
I am everywhere
Eye Eve
I royal
I king
I Ma King
Making love
Heroic heart heat
Yin and Yang
Both hemispheres
Is all
There is
Every direction
Every erection
Round and Round
In the ground
In the hound
The Supreme Sound

Flora and fauna
I Ra
Ferns and fawns
Plants and planets

Even your rigid stance
Your cultural trance
In the hexagram
The six spells you are under
Your quick fix
Every piece of pizza
Is Isis
Ra in Eve
Eve in Ra
Sun Son
In every sister
Even mister
And minister
Every Isis star
Every year
Every beer
Every tear
Every cheer
Every fear
Dear steer mere
Ry Ray Ra Rae Are
We see Sea Son
Pure energy
Every instrument
In Isis is Ra
Every muse
All music
Every amusement
The prognosis
Is Gnosis
En Light En M En t
En is in
Ma Ra
In light life live
En gland

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